When we look back to the Holocaust and WWII people would say, ‘We didn’t do anything because we didn’t know.’ I’ve now documented three genocides: Rwanda, Bosnia, Darfur. The excuse the world community has to say we didn’t know no longer exists.
—  Ron Haviv, in an interview with NBC’s Ann Curry for her series “Depth of Field.” Ron Haviv, a co-founder of VII photo agency, has documented everything from wars to natural disasters over the last three decades. An exhibition of his work, “Testimony,” is on display at Anastasia Photo in New York City until February 15.

Rumpus: That reminds me of a line in the movie Dude, Where’s My Car?

Currie: I’ve never seen it, you have to explain.

Rumpus: It’s a classic! There are these aliens that control a “continuum transfunctioner” and its mystery is only exceeded by its power.

Currie: Well I’m glad to know that Ashton Kutcher—it was him, right?—I’m glad to know Ashton Kutcher got there before I did. Perfect. But it just goes to show there’s nothing new under the sun.

People make mistakes, of course, drink too much, say things they don’t mean, spend money they don’t have, start a family without planning to. I’ve done all these things, give or take, myself. Maybe what really bothers me is that guys like Dan never own up to their mistakes, never accept their lives as they are today, with all the accumulated blunders that brought them to this place and time. In some fundamental way they are not really HERE. They’re in a past that never really existed, or a future that never will exist, even while their bodies are in the present, in this warehouse, loading real packages onto real semis, with real wives and children at home, and very real opportunities for small but meaningful pleasures all around them. Pleasures that I enjoy, in my way, and never pass up.
—  Everything Matters!, Ron Currie, Jr.
Novel Review; 'God is Dead' - Ron Currie

I was not referred too nor did I research to find this novel. It sort of jumped out at me from a severely packed book shelf. The title suggests blasphemy and a dark overview of one’s beliefs… and the novel is exactly that! What makes it such a pleasure to read is it’s satirical content. Ron Currie’s interpretation of a world with no God has captured my imagination and run away with it! Holding it ransom in exchange for laughter.

Throughout the duration of the novel, Currie touches on very personal and taboo-like topics in such a way to transform the readers idea’s and transport them to hypothetical situations beyond many of our natural abilities.

I recommend 'God is Dead' if you have a wicked sense of humor and an ability to read between the lines in order to obtain the highest quality interpretation.

Uni: "Oh, what a bummer. Scott showed up at home with Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles in a flimsy plastic bag from McNally Jackson, raving about Currie’s last book, Everything Matters!, for which he’d once profiled the author. We had such high, high expectations, all of which were thoroughly thrashed over the course of 340 surprisingly breezy pages. If this bearded scribe’s debut novel made Scott, as he says, “bawl like a wounded kitten whilst on a bus ride to Hackensack, New Jersey,” this new one failed to push the appropriate emotional buttons…or any buttons at all, really. It’s meta-fiction-y in all the wrong ways; self-indulgent both in terms of the romantic narrative and the dead-father narrative; wandering and driftless, with a non-story spiced up by exotic backdrops (a Carribean island; Egypt.) The narrator—Ron Currie, Jr., get it?—tries to commit suicide; fails; buys a fake passport and absconds to the Middle East; discovers, to his chagrin, that an unpublished novel he left behind has been, you know, published, to great acclaim, mainly on the strength of his author-who-tragically-died backstory. He comes back to the United States and everyone wants to take a crap on him, legally and metaphorically, for staging what they see as a sort of James Frey-style con job. There’s some stuff about the divisions between truth and memoir, the enduring nature of obsessive love, how badly it sucks to watch your own patriarch wither and succumb to the Great Beyond. Oh, and a whole lot of constant blabber about the Singularity, which is when computers and machines will become intelligent on their own terms and take over from us sadly flawed humans. There are some gems here, but they’re scattered thinly. We’re going to pretend that this book never happened.”

JMU’s Ron Curry Named to NABC All-District Second Team

JMU’s Ron Curry Named to NABC All-District Second Team

Junior guard Ron Curry of the James Madison men’s basketball team was selected to the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) All-District 10 Second Team in a vote by NABC member coaches, the organization announced Friday.

Curry was among the 10 players representing the Colonial Athletic in District 10. He is the first JMU player to be named to an all-district squad since Devon Moore…

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