The funny thing about this is that Romney has tried so very hard to imagine himself as a second Reagan over the last several years. During his 2008 campaign, he fell over himself to identify himself as Reagan’s heir, and in the 2012 campaign he seemed to have convinced himself that he was reliving the 1980 campaign with Obama in the role of Carter. He certainly needed and wanted that to be true, and it wasn’t, but that was probably why he thought he kept believing that he would win when all other evidence suggested otherwise. He probably believed that he was just repeating what Reagan had done, and now he and his advisers are still pretending to believe this. It will not work out well for them.

Apparently, if you live a good, clean, righteous, Mitt Romney life, you look pretty good with your shirt off when you’re 68 years old, not to mention fit enough to go a couple of rounds in an exhibition boxing match against five-time World Heavyweight Champion Evander Holyfield.

I’m 35 and not only is Mitt Romney in better shape than me, but he has less gray hair, even though he’s been married for over 45 years, raised five sons, served a term as Governor of Massachusetts, saved the 2002 Winter Olympics from scandal, and survived two unsuccessful campaigns for the Presidency.

Where’s my Book of Mormon?.

Obama then reached into his silk suit pocket, pulled out two sezed 11 ballet shoes, and slipped them on. He raised his arms gracefully into perfect poise, and bounded off on his tippy toes. Before he pirouetted out the door, he glanced back over his shoulder, and Mitt Romney was looking back at him with desperate pleading. And Obama said, “bitch, i’m da prez” and left.

~The End~

Free enterprise has done more to lift people out of poverty, to help build a strong middle class, to help educate our kids, and to make our lives better than all the programs of government combined.

Mitt Romney

This is a fact, the free market does better than anything else at reducing poverty.  Paul Ryan has been making this point that we should be using the example that the Free Market is the thing that will end poverty.  The conservative think tank AEI has also been pushing that we talk about how capitalism benefits the poor and middle class more than it does the rich.

So Mitt starts talking about capitalism’s ability to help the poor, bring opportunity, and end poverty.

Media both right and left: oh look at how liberal Romney has become talking about the poor.

It would be one thing for Romney backers to think that U.S. policies would be better than they are if he were president, but it is absurd to believe that other regimes and groups around the world would behave in a dramatically different fashion or would not exist under a different administration. By what magical powers of resolve would Romney have eliminated ISIS? How exactly would he have made Putin to “know his place”? Presumably this adviser thinks this would happen because Romney’s policies would convey “strength” rather than “weakness,” but that just underscores that this adviser–like Romney–doesn’t have a clue how this would happen. These are nonsensical claims, but then that is typical for Romney and his advisers.