Cynicism didn’t put a man on the moon. Cynicism didn’t win women the right to vote. Cynicism did not get a Civil Rights Act signed. Cynicism has never won a war. Cynicism has never cured a disease. Cynicism has never started a business. Cynicism has never fed a young mind. I do not believe in a cynical America; I believe in an optimistic America that is making progress.
Romney adopted knee-jerk anti-Russian positions on every relevant issue, and married them to reflexive anti-Obama criticisms. That’s all that he did. It isn’t surprising, since he had no particular foreign policy experience, nor had he had much of an interest in these issues before he started his seemingly endless presidential campaigning. Romney had no particular insight into Russian behavior, and definitely didn’t understand what motivated Russian leaders or how they viewed U.S. policies in the former Soviet Union and elsewhere. If the U.S. had been following his recommendations over the last year, tensions between the U.S. and Russia would likely be even worse, since Romney’s idea for Russia policy in practice was little more than to antagonize Moscow whenever possible.

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney slammed President Obama’s foreign policy and declared the Russian reset “one of the most embarrassing incidents in American foreign policy.”

Romney should have been President. But Obama with this teenage girl snappy comebacks is who we have instead. Thank you, America. And Obama, you were wrong. The 80’s did not call asking for the foreign policy back. The future called and was trying to give you a hint like Kyle Reese in Terminator. The joke is on you, Obama.