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There is good, and then there is masterful. Alan Ariail is a magician with a brush (or a nib, or a pencil or whatever…) Check out his gorgeous gestural script #govote. Awesome.  

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For more #govote images and to submit your own go to: govote.org

when i see things like this, it lets me know how ass backwards people are in moving forward & progressing in intelligence & intolerance . don’t vote for Romney because he’s not black & don’t vote for Obama because he’s black . vote for the man you feel better suits your vision for this country . #obama2012 #romeny2012 your choice . (Taken with Instagram)

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I’m sick and tired of hearing people hate on Romney because of this video. And lemme just clarify something for those people: HE’S EXACTLY RIGHT. Romney didn’t deliberately attack 100% of the people who are receiving help from the governmen

t. He’s attacking the 47% of people who don’t need it and mooch anyway. The people who really believe that it’s everybody else’s job to take care of them. And that 47%, regardless of who’s morally right or wrong, are going to vote for the president who continues to allow them to live this way. That right there is completely wrong. It’s time for that 47% to take responsibility for themselves like the hardworking taxpayers that take care of themselves AND give their hard earned money up so that those pitiful people can continue leading that sort of life. People like that are despicable. Romeny2012. I HATE THIS ELECTION SO MUCH OH MY GOD CAN WE JUST GET RID OF OBAMA ALREADY. UGH.