Emperor's frescoed rooms unveiled for first time in Rome


ROME: Lavishly frescoed rooms in the houses of the Roman Emperor Augustus and his wife Livia are opening for the first time to the public on Thursday (Sep 18), after years of painstaking restoration. The houses on Rome’s Palatine hill where the emperor lived with his family are re-opening after a €2.5 million (US$3.22 million) restoration to mark the 2,000 anniversary of Augustus’s death - with previously off-limit chambers on show for the first time.

From garlands of flowers on Pompeian red backgrounds to majestic temples and scenes of rural bliss, the rooms are adorned with vividly coloured frescoes, many in an exceptional condition. Restorers said their task had been a complex one, with bad weather during excavation threatening the prized relics of a golden era in the Eternal City. Read more.

[trans] Changmin at Saint Angels Church in Rome by mug_ping

"4th day in Italy

At Saint Angels Church, somebody approached me and said “Will you be able to take a photo for me?”, so I turned around to take a look and oh my who is this, is this Max Changmin in Rome ㅋ After that, we waited together for one hour and waited for the night scenery. He is a celebrity (yeon ye in) and I am an alien (wae jae in) ㅋ”

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Comments on the Facebook photo between this Korean man and his friends:

Changmin said that his vacation would end today (this was posted some hours back, see picture above) and he would leave for Korea. He also said that he did not get an autograph from Changmin. 

(What did you guys talk about?) Conversations with a humane aspect (ie daily little things of life)
(I’m envious) Max Changmin said that he was envious of me* (*note: probably talking about the man’s freedom to travel etc? Just my own guess)
(Why did he go there?) His best friend Kyuhyun told him not to go to America, but told him to go to Italy, which has history and tradition, so he came to Italy. 
(Whoa he is really handsome) Looking at him at a close distance, he looks like the David statue (ie handsome), particularly when he smiles. 

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MU, Italian Museum, City of Rome, Energy Company Partner for Historical Cultural Project

For more than a century, hundreds of thousands of historical artifacts dating back to before the founding of Rome have been stored in crates in the Capitoline Museums of Rome, where they have remained mostly untouched. Now, the City of Rome; the Capitoline Museums, the first public museum in the world; and Enel Green Power North America, a leading renewable energy company; have started a project, known as “The Hidden Treasure of Rome,” which will bring those artifacts into the laboratories of U.S. universities to be studied, restored, categorized and catalogued. The University of Missouri is the first university selected for this project.

Under the agreement, both MU scholars and students will have access to the antiquities. Graduate students in MU’s Department of Art History and Archaeology will be working directly with the collections and can use these objects for thesis and dissertation projects. The first set of loans — 249 black-gloss ceramics dating to the period of the Roman Republic (fifth to first centuries B.C.) —recently were received by the MU Museum of Art and Archaeology.

Swords to Rust - Hearts to Dust
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Swords to Rust- Hearts to Dust - Rome

to wear god down
to flatten him out
to pray to no other
parley with death
to bury the crown
to silence all lovers