No one is unimportant

( you don’t have to post this, as it is not a story, just something I thought I should say) After posting on this blog my story, and reading all the other stories so far. I have noticed that people usually start off by saying “my turn now,..” or “my unimportant…not really interesting story…” something along those lines, and I just wanted to say something to the contrary. You are not unimportant, or uninteresting or anything else like that. You are a wonderful, unique person who is part of a wonderful, accepting community that loves you for you are. So no matter what your story, nerdfighteria still loves you, if you have no friends, we love you, if you’re different, weird, feel alone, unimportant, or not interesting…we still love you and will make you feel important. Never feel like you’re alone. Because you never are. DFTBA


romanlovesbooks said:

Where can I find Kelly's music? *goes looking everywhere*

Kelly’s music is all over the internet, if you check the side bar of her blog,, you can see it on your choice of website.

but where you can listen to a preview of her new EP for FREEE (it will be for sale for $5 in a few weeks) is HERE AT HER SOUNDCLOUD CLICK ON IT! GO CLICK!! you will be grateful. I loved her music before I liked her. Well, I always liked her per say, but I fangirled over her before I knew her very well :)

Watch on

It’s time for a sing-a-long! 

Watch on

Roman Penna’s first single “By My Side”

You can buy it on Nimbit or on Bandcamp (and soon on iTunes)

And because Roman’s pretty damn awesome, (I mean he vlogs a lot and he sings and songwrites and plays ALL the instruments) you should follow his:
facebook or

I mean come on, lets share the love for the unsigned artists.

Dragged into Nerdfighteria

So hey, I’m still kinda new to Nerdfighteria here (probably didn’t even spell that right) But my story, is interesting in the way that I found the community. (I think) I’ve always been a nerd I think, in a very booky way. When I was six my mum couldn’t read to me, so told me to just try and read and I never stopped. (My bookcase is about to fall over again…)
Anyway I found this awesome community, through a friend I met on a study camp (I mean how else do you find nerds?) And it was werid because she had the female version of my name, and so we kinda connected over that. Then I found out that she
1: Liked Docter Who (like obessively like me)
2: Played ukulele (like me),
3: Liked youtubers such as Alex Day and Charlie (also like me)
It was kinda scary as she was almost an extact female copy of me, and we were talking one day, and she was talking about nerdfighters, and I told me to go watch John and Hank. So me being me, I got home and it took about 2 weeks, but as soon as I watched them…man I was hooked…like serriously. I couldn’t believe I missed out on this community, for most of my nerdy life.
So that’s my story, and although I’m not that active on the ning, nerdfighteria has given the courage (and I kinda kick up the back side) to do awesome things, to start my own youtube channel, and start doing and making stuff I love.

So thanks Nerdfighteria :)

— romanlovesbooks