Something happened one night, like a dream that perhaps could no longer take the confinement of being simply a dream. It desired to be reality.

We were out in the snow behind a garden alone. We held each other with our jackets off to feel the warmth of our bodies from the connection its depth we did not really know, but was only quietly lit between the fires in our hearts.
The air was cold, yet our skin felt warm. Our lips spoke of questions suppressed in light intensity, but our gaze could speak the magnitude of our emotions. 
How the world decided to conspire for us was beyond me, but with all its calamitous scheming and surprising moments, a melody in the air suddenly began to play.
You see, this garden was in a plaza, and this plaza had a field with a stage that held a huge movie screen. Normally it’s off until summer, but all throughout this particular day movies were playing with the sound clearly heard.
This romantic melody sang blissfully in the darkly lit garden, and we could not help but laugh at this unexpected stranger. Now, if this was a dream then I had no reason to be afraid. I wanted to hear it, finally.
I whispered to him, “Tell me you’re crazy about me.”

He kept on looking at me with such a smile in his eyes!

I smiled and said, “Tell me you’re crazy about me!”

“I’ll whisper it to you.” He says leaning towards my ear.

“No, scream it out loud, so everyone can here!” I threw my head back with an elated smile and half a joke in my breath.

We were in a bubble, a time machine that preserved the moment while the world kept on in its deadly speed that killed precious moments like this.
Our eyes locked with a mischievous smile. We knew this was forever, but we would not say it right now, for some realities are born too soon to weather the test of time in this world, so we strengthen them in the realm of dreams.

 His pause lingered on, and it kept me out, so I teasingly walked away. 
He held my hand and pulled me closer back in his arms.

He picked me up and I laughed and he screamed “I’m crazy about you!”

I held on and I buried my face in his shoulder, but he wanted to hear it too, so he placed me back down and told me to say it too.

I think now, why didn’t we just ask. Well, we knew the answer, and to ask would only mean we were uncertain, but we knew.
It existed for us, yet it was just a thought, a feeling not yet plucked from the vines of dreams.

So I pulled it out from his reverie and whispered in his ear, “I’m crazy about you, too.”
—  February // Jenn Satsune