Greetings in the Graveyard

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Clara was in the graveyard she visited often with a camera balanced on one of the stones as she figured out the shot she was going to take. Behind her, she heard rustling in the grass. “Ah- ah- whoever you are, don’t move. You’re going to mess up my shot.”

But the moment - whatever it was she had wanted to capture - had passed and she sighed before turning around to face whoever had interrupted her.

"So who’re you then? I don’t normally see anyone else passing through here. Most people think it’s creepy.”

    “Hallo love…

         Maybe he is trying to be quiet, since his voice is soft
         and almost under his breath as his fingers skim over
         the keys of the piano in a practised but clumsy manner,
         acclimating the talent to his new hands. But the sound
         still carries — with some assistance, perhaps, from his
         friendly neighbourhood TARDIS. 

               ”I’ve been here hopin’ ye’d let yourself in…”

               ”You and I exist in a special relationship to time,

                                                       you know.  Perpetual outsiders.”

                                                                           ”— Don’t be  p o r t e n t o u s.” 
                                                                           Written by Carrie & Dana.