Hello sweeties, this pack is to thank you for the 2k followers. Thank you very much. I thank all my followers, for all you’ve done for me, without you I wouldn’t be able to get where I am today, I owe it all to you. This pack contains 9 psds for gifs. Is little, but it’s from the heart. All have optional black and white layers I hope you enjoy. Maybe you have to adjust some layers. Dont forget to like or reblog this post if you download likes inspire me. Don’t redistribute or claim as your own, It’s not cool and if i was able you too. Click here to see more resources and request here. → [ download here


So Thank You So Much This Is It We Own Your Hearts Somehow Thank You So Much For So Much Of Love You Gave To Us This Pack Contains 8 Pastel Psds Two are Black & White Pastels For Pictures & Can Be Used ON Gifs Too If Adjust Layers Its A Give away To +3k Followers SO Thank You So Much For The Incredible Support we love You Guys Allot & Keep Supporting Us cause Without You & Our Hard Working Owners & Co-Owners It Wasn’t Possible For Us To Gain So Many Followers

-Cockygomez Members xoxo

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psd #024 by WONDERLANDPS {download mf}

info ~> pastelpsd made for events pictures. looks better in light pictures with many white. maybe you have to adjust some layers, as long as you respect my work and do not distribute or claim as your own. please like/ reblog this post if you download, is very important for me. feel free to ask me anything!


please give like or reblog this post if you download; don’t talk that is yours and neither onlending the link. if you must, give some adjustments in color or brightness. Likes always inspire us to do more, Thank you! to download:

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