Why calling Otherkin/Fictionkin/Multiple systems "Delusional" is damaging.

It’s giving them way too much credit. A solid 95%+ of the people on tumblr (and other internet sites) that say they are these things are just flat out pretending. This is why disorders that happen to less than 1% of the population in real life can be claimed by a huge part of the online community.

They are playing a game with themselves and the people they hang out with online and maybe even off. They like the specialness their fantasy world gives them, but the do not really believe it. Not at the core. They are not really delusional. Their brain isn’t telling them it’s real. They’ll tell you that’s what their brain is saying, but only because it makes it seem like something that’s out of their control when it isn’t at all.

Most all of the time they will grow out of it, because most of them don’t REALLY have something wrong with them. The older ones that haven’t grown out of it yet only haven’t because they’ve found a feedback group of people that like the same roleplaying that they do. That’s all it is, it’s roleplay.

They don’t really hurt anyone, but calling them delusional kind of does, because it gives more legitimacy to it to call it delusional than to call it what it really is. Delusions are an odd kind of subsection of “real”. The brain really does paint pictures in a delusional person’s head. That’s not what’s going on with the large internet otherkin/multiple community. They are playing a game where they get more attention the cooler identity they can make up. However they will never admit it, because it shatters the fantasy. 

Don’t call them delusional, it gives them too much credit.


Couple of weeks ago I noticed, that Jesse Cox is in an RPG Show called RollPlay. Actually, I would skip this, but it has a Numenera in it, so I stuck to it. After guys and a lady had play 4 weeks, I think it’s time of some caracters conceprts/fanart, right?

Wanna know more about the show? Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoPhzCqKTYs&list=PL-oTJHKXHicQKR94ZrVu4xxl4vUdqIKOQ&index=1

Wanna know more about Numenera? Visit montecookgames.com

Also, go grab some aether lattice manipulators!

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ulr:dont get it

theam:pretty amazing 

icon:dont get it(is it just the butt or??lol)


rollplay:(have not seen them sorry)



The idea of fantasy football makes me laugh.  It’s like dungeons and dragons for the people making fun of the ones playing dungeons and dragons, but there’s more to it than that.  Things like dungeons and dragons, as well as fantasy football are fantasy rollplaying games, obviously.  However what do the d&d people do in their fantasies?  Slay dragons, rescue people, brings gods back to world that have lost faith, and tones of cool shit that could never happen in real life, and what are the other guys fantasizing about? Playing football.  Wow, way to work your imagination there.

(Note, this is a joke and I don’t actually give a shit what games people play.)

ichi-coocoo said:

(I want to RP with you but I don't know what! And yes I read your about. All I can say is LOOOOOOVE your blog!)

[I hope I don’t embarass you when I post thos publicly but-
I will legit rollplay with anybody once. If I like your style, I.may evwn ASK YOU to RP. However if I don’t don’t take offense! Remember, I have over 150 followers already and I’ve only had this blog 3 days! But don’t be afraid to ask me! ^^
As for what to RP I do anything from canon to AU and OCs. So it can take place with the canon Freddie in his pizzaria, to an android cop gone rouge, or a ring master at the circus, or hell even as a pirate, or a serial killer. Just remember his attitude will stay the same no matter the circustance.]

So…this is was for a commission of different sort. The kind in which I haven’t done to this magnitude in a while. Learned a lot form this. This is a logo for a roll playing game to be released. And I must say, this was the most exiting and creative driven logo design I have ever done! If I had more opportunities to do this type of logo design, I’d be in heaven!!!!

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RollPlay: One Shots - D&D 5.0 - Part 1

I have the books. Now I wanna play! What ya doing Friday night?? ;P

No matter how many rollplays I do, I still feel alone. Up want to know why? Because I have friends who ignore me… So many… I could be having a great time with a friend, but be very upset at the same time because I have close friends that just ignore me and my problems…