Why calling Otherkin/Fictionkin/Multiple systems "Delusional" is damaging.

It’s giving them way too much credit. A solid 95%+ of the people on tumblr (and other internet sites) that say they are these things are just flat out pretending. This is why disorders that happen to less than 1% of the population in real life can be claimed by a huge part of the online community.

They are playing a game with themselves and the people they hang out with online and maybe even off. They like the specialness their fantasy world gives them, but the do not really believe it. Not at the core. They are not really delusional. Their brain isn’t telling them it’s real. They’ll tell you that’s what their brain is saying, but only because it makes it seem like something that’s out of their control when it isn’t at all.

Most all of the time they will grow out of it, because most of them don’t REALLY have something wrong with them. The older ones that haven’t grown out of it yet only haven’t because they’ve found a feedback group of people that like the same roleplaying that they do. That’s all it is, it’s roleplay.

They don’t really hurt anyone, but calling them delusional kind of does, because it gives more legitimacy to it to call it delusional than to call it what it really is. Delusions are an odd kind of subsection of “real”. The brain really does paint pictures in a delusional person’s head. That’s not what’s going on with the large internet otherkin/multiple community. They are playing a game where they get more attention the cooler identity they can make up. However they will never admit it, because it shatters the fantasy. 

Don’t call them delusional, it gives them too much credit.

I figure I should shed some light on this for people coming to this tumblr from the original post that happens to have a lot of SPN rollplay on it:

Demon+Girl has nothing to do with SPN.

the SPN fanbase took it and are claiming Demon’s name is Adam, and writing off Girl completely. While I encourage people having fun, I thought I’d make this abundantly clear that if you’re here for SPN reasons, you’ll find nothing for it in my comic and page.

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The young woman, clad in black, darted away under the shield of the moon and stars. A small container in hand, she knew the contents would sell for a pretty penny. As the thief with silver hair lept to the next building she stopped a moment to catch her breath, "Now then, where was the place I was supposed to meet up with that weird guy for this? Doesn't seem like much..." [darkys-rollplay]


Donatello slinked around the buildings cloaked in the dead of night. He lept from building to building silently. His goggles detetced her presense but he kept his distance from her, unsure.

doctormchotson replied to your post “doctormchotson replied to your post “˜… :)” Oh that’s awesome!!! :D …”

Oh god, yeah, I believe it! Organic chemistry sounds terrifying to me, haha. Writing with friends sounds like a really fun experience too :)

Yeah so far so good with organic chem although it’ll undoubtedly kick my butt but yeah. And it’s really neat writing with other people, I’d never done it before I met my friends here and it’s just really interesting to mesh all of our ideas together and play of each other and we sort of take turns writing different characters within the story so we never really know what the other person is going to say until they do so it’s like we’re reacting in real time kind of like rollplaying with a plot haha but yeah it’s super neat!


I asked my rp partner if we could give it up thinking she would be sad but she took it very well and I’m just so relived! NO MORE ROLLPLAYING FOR ME EVER HAHHAHA I’m kidding of course I had tones of fun but I need a break from it.

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Puppy Play is this sex rollplay where either the boy or girl pretends to be a dog that wears collars and leashes and sleeps in cages (and sometimes by the "dominant" feet on the floor). Just mainly someone plays as a dog

No I’ve never thought about that… I don’t judge anyone because each of us have our own interests, but I just can’t see myself being aroused by that haha :) -Zayn 

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# [darkys-rollplay]

Put a “#” and i’ll tell you the last thing i lied about.


to be honest i havwen’t lied about anything so far you to guys. 
earlier i guess i might havwe lied about a couple usual stuff
i steal cigs sometimes, so i suppose that could count?

Heheh... Hi....

Sooo I agreed to rollplay with a friend and I thought that it could be fun and take like a few hours but NO! It has taken over most of my free time and sleep time which means that I’ve been “forced” to turn my focus on this for many days and I don’t have time to spend it on my blog! I really miss being here and I can’t be on my KV skype or anything but I still check in on tumblr/DA every day and try to keep my crappy cracks going because if I didn’t I would get a sasodei abstinent! I don’t even know what I’m doing or if I should continue but it’s really fun and I want a real ending… But I guess I will keep you updated on when I’m free from my chain. Huggies ^W^