Why calling Otherkin/Fictionkin/Multiple systems "Delusional" is damaging.

It’s giving them way too much credit. A solid 95%+ of the people on tumblr (and other internet sites) that say they are these things are just flat out pretending. This is why disorders that happen to less than 1% of the population in real life can be claimed by a huge part of the online community.

They are playing a game with themselves and the people they hang out with online and maybe even off. They like the specialness their fantasy world gives them, but the do not really believe it. Not at the core. They are not really delusional. Their brain isn’t telling them it’s real. They’ll tell you that’s what their brain is saying, but only because it makes it seem like something that’s out of their control when it isn’t at all.

Most all of the time they will grow out of it, because most of them don’t REALLY have something wrong with them. The older ones that haven’t grown out of it yet only haven’t because they’ve found a feedback group of people that like the same roleplaying that they do. That’s all it is, it’s roleplay.

They don’t really hurt anyone, but calling them delusional kind of does, because it gives more legitimacy to it to call it delusional than to call it what it really is. Delusions are an odd kind of subsection of “real”. The brain really does paint pictures in a delusional person’s head. That’s not what’s going on with the large internet otherkin/multiple community. They are playing a game where they get more attention the cooler identity they can make up. However they will never admit it, because it shatters the fantasy. 

Don’t call them delusional, it gives them too much credit.


Couple of weeks ago I noticed, that Jesse Cox is in an RPG Show called RollPlay. Actually, I would skip this, but it has a Numenera in it, so I stuck to it. After guys and a lady had play 4 weeks, I think it’s time of some caracters conceprts/fanart, right?

Wanna know more about the show? Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoPhzCqKTYs&list=PL-oTJHKXHicQKR94ZrVu4xxl4vUdqIKOQ&index=1

Wanna know more about Numenera? Visit montecookgames.com

Also, go grab some aether lattice manipulators!

I painted Margaret Krohn because I finally caught up with RollPlay R&D and I don’t know what to do with myself. She’s pretty awesome. 

mr-mercer asked:

Have you ever heard of Rollplay? If not, it's a series on Itmejp's Twitch and Youtube channels in which people play pen & paper RPGs. I mention this because Jesse is in one of the series (for the game Numenera). It's final episode aired on Youtube yesterday and the ending is phenomenal. Also, it seems like Jesse will be returning to play Maid RPG, so huzzah.

I HAVE INDEED HEARD OF ROLLPLAY. I’m p sure someone I follow??? blogs a lot about it??? and I just can’t remember or think right now because I’m writing a really very stressful essay on Ferguson for my POSC class. But yeah, I’ve been meaning to watch that too but I’m terrible at catching up on lengthy youtube series I’ve fallen behind on. (Most notably The Co-Optional Podcast and The FriendZone, which I usually watch sporadically because the order usually doesn’t matter too much.)  

Thanks for letting me know, maybe I’ll get around to it now that it’s complete. (✿◡‿◡)

-Lalnasaur meet Rythian-

This is a short story I came up with as a background thingy for a AU rollplay me and a friend are doing with the yogscast members~

  • The Lab -

Duncan had just gotten to Sweden for the school fair he were entering on behalf of his school on England, although he had an ulterier goal as well with this trip.

At the airport, some of his science friends were waiting to take him to their secret labratorium where they had recidenlty captured and subdued something that had caught the scientists interest and made him come to the cold, coffee drinking country.

As if a simple competition would make him fly all the way to another country, no that was an easy win for him.

As he greeted his friends from the web, Duncan asked the big question he had been thinking on since he got on the plane. “So you really caught it? How?”

It had been the big topic of the forum for the last couple of months and last week he had gotten a PM about the capture of the creature that had kept the forums alive for months with question about magic of all things.

“The subject was a classmate of mine” One of them replied with a proud grin as they got into a cab. “I got teamed up on a school project and then it was just to ‘bring him home’”

“You should have seen his face once he realised he had been hit with a tranquiliser” Another added with a laugh. “That man is a freak alright.”

And so Duncan got filled in on what they had gone through to catch him and as well what they were doing to keep the subject under until he would get there to help with the experiments.

After all, they all knew Duncan was the best scientist out there, especiall when in came to supernaturall things. He lived in the stranges town in the world and it helped that said town had lore about endermans when the creature had been found out to be enderborn.

It took them half an hour to get to the place, but then they were finally in the underground labratoury. Talk about lucky that the guys had found this abandend subwaystation and had saught out the deads for it. Fixing it up to a high standard labratorium with tanks of liquid and working stations and, well imagine a classical underground, evil scientist lair, a little like that.

Duncan was steadfast in his steps as he walked up to the tank that held the creature in a liquid that would keep it uncounsies, but alive and well nurished.

He was fasinated over how normal looking it looked, except for the mouth. When covered up, you would never suspejct anything, but here, without a mask or scarf to cover it up, the creatures freakish mouth was for everybody to see.

As he walked around the tank, he read the files on the cretureas vitals. Everything seemed okey and the creature looked ready for the first experiment. If it could feel any pain.

“Move it over to the electric chair” He ordered the other scientists as he got a labcoat on, wanting to spend no time waiting. They might as well start right away.

“Right on it Lalnable.” One of the scientist nodded as they got to work with moving the subject.

As if Duncan would give these guys his real name, he had meet them on the internet and they were working on a illeagal experiment. If shit went down, it would be Lalna who got the blame, not Duncan. He could easily blame it on a look-a-like.

Once the creature had been woken up and put in the chair, things started.

To start with, Duncan gave it a small chock to see if it gave any reaction.

And it did, the creature moaned out in pain as it opened it’s eyes and looked around, scared.

“Wh-what? Where am I? Let me go!” It started to pull on it’s restrains, but Duncan simply raiced the votage and gave the creature another shock. Earning him a chocked look from the creature as it grew quiet while moaning out in pain again.

“The creature seems to respond to electrical pain and speaks normaly” The blond scientist wrote down as he spoke. “Raising the voltage for further experimenting.” And he did, raising the voltage with ten to then turn it on.

But this time, the creature looked prepared as it kept most of the noices inside of itself.

“Let me go! This is illeagal!” It yelled out as it kept on pulling on the restrains. “You don’t know what you’re doing!”

“Subject seems to respon like humans to shock” Duncan noted. “Moving onto the next part.”

And thus, the other scientists went to work with fixing up a operation table. Easily done when the chair the creature was in could be turned into a flat surface.

“No! Wha-What are you doing??” The creature protested as scalpels and vials were brought out. “Wait! You can’t be serious!”

“Starting the examination now.” Duncan noted as he lifted up the smalest scalpel and, with the help of his science friends who had to keep the creature still, began cutting out a small portion of skin for examination.

Deep and inhuman noices were beganing to come from the subject, but the blond scientist kept on working. Once he got some skin from it’s hand, he moved over to the face, carving out some from just next to the mouth. Although it took a few attempts before he got a skin slice as the creature was moving more with every cut.

Moving on, he now drew blood for later examination.

“Subject is starting to show a more animalistic side as I began to do the incision on the stomach.”

“Lalnable, maybe we should wait? Put him under before cutting him up?” Once of the scientist protested, the classmate of the creature to bre precise.

But Duncan wasn’t going to stop now, he needed to see how the creature looked on the inside and of the subject was dead, then its organs would die as well and he would loose valuble materials.

“Starting the incision, now” He ignored the others as he began the cut, making sure to take his time and drawing in the screams from the subject. It truly were amazing, to not have passed out after all this pain and those screams, Duncan had never heared such inhuman growlings.

And then, sudently he were carving into nothing. Where had the subject gone?

With wide eyes, Duncan looked around as froze as he saw the subject re-matrialize in front of its classmate and rip him apart in half. Oh god! What was happening?

The others started panicing and running, fleeing to be precise. But Duncan just stood there and watched as they all got torn apart while fleeing, blood and body parts getting trown everywhere.

Shock kept him in place as he watched all of his friends being mutilated.

And then he simply, blacked out.

Finding himself still standing where he had been six hours ago.

What had happened? Why weren’t he dead? Oh god!

The sight made his stomach turn and everything coming up as he puked. Guts and body parts of his friends were litearly everywhere. On the walls, on the floor, on the mashinery, on everything.

He had to get out of there, now.

But as he slowly made his way to the exit, one question woke up. ‘Why? Why was he alive?’

He had been the one with the scalple, maybe that’s why? He had a weapon. But no, as he recalled the incident, he also recalled a few of the scientists picking up weapons of their own to defend themselves with. So that wasn’t it.

Was it cause he had been so close to the operation table? No not that either, there had been half a person dropped on the table.

And there came another puke attack as he glanced at the table.

Oh god! This was crazy. Why were he still alive??

Was the creature waiting for him? Wanting to make him suffer more?

No, as he got to the door, he realized something.

The creature had killed in a pattern.

That must be it, he must be safe then!

Everyone who had died had looked it straight in the face just before it had teleported infront of him and riped said person apart.

With a relifed smiled and chuckle, he left the room. Only to stop. What was that whoping sound? It sounded exactly as the sound the creatur had been making when it teleported.

Slowly, slowly, he looked up, stopping when he saw the feets of the creature.

Okay, here goes nothing, either he died here and then or his theory must be right.

And seconds later, the whoping sound could be heared again as the creature dissapeared off somewhere.

Sending Duncan into a run. He was NOT waiting there for the risk of the creature changing its mind.

There were several more incidences he was sure he were a dead man, but every time he made sure to only look at the creatures feets and the creature let him be.

The last time, the creature was even dressed in. It must have found it’s clothes Duncan thought for himself as he held his breath in wait for it to go away again and to let him continue on his exit.

The first thing he did when he got out was to get a cab to the hotel he had a reservation on, paranoid the whole way and looking behind his sholder every ten second. But there were never anything there.

Checking in took only a few minutes, then he were in his room and in the bathroom. He needed a shower and he needed to analyze what had just happened.

And right now, water felt like the safest thing. Sure enough, he were only basing that on the stories about the endermans, but surely that must go for that freakish beast as well? Right?