22 Best Things We Saw at FarmBorough - BEST HIGH NOTES: CASSADEE POPE

 Cassadee Pope not only hit every note during her Sunday afternoon set, she hit every note while dancing in heels, greeting fans and taking photos from the stage. (Brad Paisley and Justin Moore needed a few minutes of instrumentals to take their “manly selfie break” the night before.) The belting began with opener “Wish I Could Break Your Heart” and continued well past “Everybody Sings,” a blithe party song that would have been hands-in-the-air even without much vocal embellishment. Pope really displayed her range with the ubiquitous Petty jam “I Won’t Back Down,” letting it known that this past winner of The Voice is far from just a reality-show idol.

I’ve never heard the term ‘strong male character.’ That doesn’t mean anything. So what does 'strong female character’ mean? We’re so ready to put a label on something instead of leaving room for every different kind of expression, every vulnerable, weak, funny, vulgar, stupid thing. It’s just people, right? There are layers and levels, and you can’t put somebody in a box, you know?
—  Tatiana Maslany for Rolling Stone (x)

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