taylorswift remember when you commented on my meme, and I ran around my house at 10:30 screaming “NO TAYLOR, YOU’RE ACTUALLY EVERYTHING TO ME;” then I died. Now, I’m sitting in the fetal position crying about all the times you’ve noticed me in the last 10-or-so months, and how happy you’ve made me in the last 8 years. Don’t worry, I’m pulling myself together I have a bag of skittles to finish. I’ll be fine. Love you tho!❤️

Swift, just 24, was the most commanding personality on the stage and the one most frequently name-checked by other artists, many of whom seemed aware they were playing in her shadow. She did four songs: “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” the new “Out of the Woods” (from her upcoming album 1989, which she made sure to mention was out on Monday), “I Knew You Were Trouble” and recent single “Shake It Off.” Interestingly, “Out of the Woods” varied her approach the most, sounding like a moody Peter Gabriel track. Swift worked the crowd into a sing-along froth, danced like a happy antelope and used the word “frenemies” when introducing “Shake It Off”: In short, she seemed like a presumptive pop queen just waiting for her official coronation.
—  Hollywood Bowl review (Rolling Stone)