Double Barrel #CannaThaiStick Part 3: The complete solidification of both portions on this beast have been totally hardened. This two by four exudes sweet aromas from the solidified flower of a musty grape parentage. She is producing half of a mild euphoric high without a scary head rush, and no couchlock. The other section is straight gas powered. An overwhelming scent of that real deal OG Kush leaked through the hemp line before it was even removed. Once removed, I applied 1 gram of GSC wax to the top and bottom sections of this beast. Coating the entire surface in pure OG Kush Hash; it was an extreme treat. This will also allow a slower, even burn ratio. Sprinkling 1.5 grams of GSC Crumble on the top section will give it that extra dank coating. For aesthetic purposes, I heated down globs of Pure Kush along the top; this was a total 1 extra gram. I used the same amount of wax to coat the cured GSC fan leaves that were used on this beasts final layer. Can’t wait for my good homie @sirhigh to be able to spark his heavy hitter very shortly. I am very pleased to announce the true starting point of my flourishing business in #CannaCigars. Great things around the corner! Stay lifted Fam.🎋⛽️🍪🎋📊🎫🍯#AlwaysAboutClass #QualityShowsInHardWork #TheDraftDodgersCannaCigars #High_Larry_Us #Org_Alternative #GlockTeam #DankShots420 #TheRealDank #TwaxGanG by thedraftdodger