Loving people used to bring me to my knees, every single time. I used to think I was only capable of being inferior to people I have loved in the past; there I would be, so many levels beneath them, grabbing at the cuffs of their rolled up khakis. But with you, it’s so different. There is no falling to the ground, no lack of equal levels, no shame of being inferior. I’ve never felt strong while loving someone, and I see now because I loved out of fear: fear of losing the other person, fear of not fulfilling them, fear of being a failure. Everything I thought about it, until now, was a lie. I see your face, glowing in a red aura, and I don’t feel weak. I don’t feel afraid. You are not mine, but it isn’t like this time last year where I was a prisoner to a selfish being who took advantage of my unconditional love. He mistreated my heart so badly that I never thought that the day would come where I could love again from a distance without fear. But here I am. I will never cage such a beautiful piece of art, but I will admire your creations from however close you will let me. And I believe you when you say that it will always be as close as I wish it to be.

Does anyone actually want to see boys strip like I feel strip clubs targeted to straight women should just have men in flannels with the sleeves rolled up and straight legged khakis dancing around