roll it up

Learning this on guitar made me relove it, well done to Green Day on their induction to the rock and roll hall of fame :)


Drunk giggly Mickey booping Ian’s nose for grumpyvich. That is all.

Ian enjoyed getting Mickey drunk. It wasn’t because it was easier to take advantage of him or something gross like that (like some people seemed to think… coughLipcough), but because Mickey was so goddamn cute when he drunk. Downright adorable, actually. Of course, Ian valued his head where it was, placed safely on top of his shoulders, so he never said anything about it.

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Green Day edit!


2010 vs. 2015

Haha y’know it occurred to me earlier that (yet again) a BD piece I did was an accidental remake of an old-as-balls picture I did five years ago. Other than the obvious change that she became multiracial and fluffed up her hair, the application is a big change.

The first picture was done in 2010, shortly after I started using SAI for the first time. I’d gotten frustrated with Photoshop (which was buggy and pirated) and didn’t want to keep fussing/fighting the learn the tools, so I switched to SAI and started painting over-contrasted, super-soft paintings for a while. I had no concept of shadow and how it affected the planes of a face. I just kind of guessed.

At the time, I was at that frustrating point where I didn’t know how to paint certain things (ears, hair, NECKS….lol)  and it was really obvious. While I’m still not SUPER impressed with where I’m at with my art, I’ve transitioned back to Photoshop in the past year and I’ve actually tried to start applying myself again (experimenting, learning, practicing, etc.) instead of just stagnating and continuing to work in my comfort zone hoping to one day improve somehow with little to no effort.

Learn, be inspired, PRACTICE, and if you get stuck on your art and get really mad at it - do something different. Try a different program, a different brush, work in something you’re not used to (black and white for a while) or draw things you’re not good at. Paint Tool SAI was my comfort zone, so was broad, saturated lighting and soft, low opacity brush strokes. I pushed myself to use Photoshop again, to use hard edges, textured backgrounds, and 100% opacity and I’m really grateful that I did. I don’t think my art would have improved as much as it has in the past year if I hadn’t made myself do it.

I got written up at work because I wasn’t “enthusiastic enough” when I was being briefed about our new system????



This is the most ridiculous thing ever.

It sucks that they hadn’t really had the time to do this sooner, but hey better late than never. Sammy bit his lip as he looked at himself once more in the mirror, fiddling with his hands as he fixed the buttons on his light blue button up which was rolled up to his elbows, the first few buttons undone to show a bit of his pale chest. He reached up to push his hair back into the quiff, scratching the stubble lining his jaw before he turned to walk out of his room. He decided he’d actually try to look good, and he doesn’t know what possessed him to do so but he’s got on a brand new pair of black skinny jeans he’s bought, and a real shocker being he wasn’t wearing his Vans, an actual pair of black dress shoes on instead. He twists the leather Michael Kors watch around his wrist, walking down the hall towards Toby’s room and knocking softly, fiddling with his rolled up sleeves as he waited. Maybe he was a bit over-dressed for this, but he was going out somewhere nice with an incredibly adorable boy, may as well make the best of it. “Hey.” Sammy hums as he looks down at Toby when he answered, biting his lip ring softly.