Japanese Anime Character Roles Part 1

死神 (shinigami) - death god
魔法少女 (mahoushoujo) - magical girls
てんし (tenshi) - angel
あくま (akuma) - devil
魔王 (maou) - demon king
魔女 (majo) - witch
勇者 (yuusha) - hero
探偵 (tantei) - detective
吸血鬼 (kyuuketsuki) - vampire
兵長 (heichou) - lance coporal
錬金術師 renkinjutsushi) - alchemist


Robin Williams’ 10 most memorable roles

Theatre Struggle #721

When guys have a perception that theatre is “dumb” and “gay” and as a result all your shows have to be 98% female and there is so much competition for lead female roles but if you’re male and you can sing on pitch two percent of the time you get a lead

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The wonderful Anglophile Channel has information about ‘Sleepwalker’ , Richard Armitage’s latest role also starring Ahna O'Reilly as his leading lady–

“In a script written by Jack Olsen, Sleepwalker, centers around Sarah (O’Reilly) who’s trying to reconstruct her life following the apparent suicide of her novelist husband. After returning to university, to finish her dissertation, Sarah experiences frequent bouts of sleepwalking. She is sent to Dr. Scott White’s (Armitage) sleep research lab for treatment.  When Sarah’s life starts to alternate between her waking world and a nightmarish alternate reality, where no one recognizes that she has ever existed, she is plunged into chaos, confusion and terror.  The one constant in her shifting world is Scott, the man she’s been longing for all her life.  But does Sarah’s true love actually exist, or is it a figment of Sarah’s troubled imagination that derives from wishful thinking and longing?”

(via TheAnglophileChannel)