Japanese Anime Character Roles Part 1

死神 (shinigami) - death god
魔法少女 (mahoushoujo) - magical girls
てんし (tenshi) - angel
あくま (akuma) - devil
魔王 (maou) - demon king
魔女 (majo) - witch
勇者 (yuusha) - hero
探偵 (tantei) - detective
吸血鬼 (kyuuketsuki) - vampire
兵長 (heichou) - lance coporal
錬金術師 renkinjutsushi) - alchemist

"I need feminism because… no one debates whether men can "have it all""

No one debates whether men can have it all because it is overwhelmingly presumed that a man has one role in life and that is to spend the rest of his life working to the bone to support the family. What use is a man unless he goes to work? That is what our society teaches. Men don’t have it all because from the moment they are born they are reared to be put to work. Society views their worth on how much money they bring in at the end of the day. That’s it. Their suitability as a potential partner is heavily based on what job they have and how able they are to support a future family…

… And when it comes to family, more often than not, a man will give up his precious time, that could’ve otherwise been spent with his wife and children, to work long hours to provide an income. Meanwhile, the wife is on maternity leave, or staying home with the kids, or working flexible hours to suit daycare, or working full time with a nanny for the kids. There is so much support for women with children out there. It is socially acceptable for them to stay at home and rear the children since it is an age old stereotype, and our culture has shifted (for the better) to make it more acceptable and respectable for a woman to go back to work after having kids. 

Men have been left out of this change in acceptability regarding family roles, yet they are still being blamed and accused of ‘having it all’ when the only option they really have is to get back to work? (Unless they want to face ridicule, of course). No, men don’t have it all because they are pressured into the only thing society thinks they are good for, earning money.

God, as a woman I cannot imagine the pressure they must grow up with and deal with. I mean, I face daily pressures set by expectations of how women should behave, or what women should do. But I don’t live under a rock, I know for a fact that men struggle with other issues that don’t affect me. Just because they don’t affect me, doesn’t mean they don’t exist, and I am not going to spend my life supporting a movement that is hell bent on removing any sort male support system because it believes women have it worse.

Feminist quotes like the ones above destroy what little credibility feminism has left. It shows just how one sided all their concerns are. They only ever think about how a particular issue affects women, but they could care less if that same issue affected men in an alternative way. Feminists caring about men? I don’t think so.

- fraudulentfeminist

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