Opposites Attract; (Closed RP with theothernanase!)

"I’ve spent enough time here; I need to head home.." Ray Hikage had released a grateful huff, the dark-haired female eager to leave the school, being that she had stayed even after the final bell rung, and the halls were like a deserted ghost town without the other students around. It wasn’t like she had to stay behind, but the girl would often fall asleep after her last class, and just wake up, taking her leave as soon as she did. It was nice.. The peace and quiet, no need to huddle away and hide as people came in her direction.

Minutes later, the girl had made it to the entrance of the school, just passing the gate as she glanced over to where the Swim Club; more over Nagisa; was residing for the meantime. The giggles of a few other girls, and the blonde himself, made the girl wince with sadness and a tad bit of jealousy. He doesn’t have time for me anymore, I don’t really m— Her thoughts were cut short as she walked straight into someone who must’ve been walking in her direction. Glancing up towards the figure who’s face was hovering above her, she gulped, stuttering, only managing to make a few words out of her mouth. “U-Uh, I-I’m s-sorry…”


Writers do not devote the time to making About/Biography and/or Headcanons pages on their character blogs for their own benefit. They make these pages for the benefit of other RPers.

Such pages are especially important in the cases of Original Characters. Cause this means that generally a person has had to put a lot of time and research into developing pretty much a whole universe around this character. Even more so when they’re an OC for a particular fandom, cause this means they have to not only create this entirely new entity on their own, but they have to find a way to make them fit into a pre-existing universe and adhere to it’s rules and canon.

Now you may not think those things are important regarding a canon. They’re canon right? If you’re a fan you already know about them, right? Well sure, but no two people play the same character the exact same way. Cause they may perceive that character differently than you do, so their headcanons are different and it affects how they play their character. Not only that if their character is from kind book that’s been adapted into a movie, you don’t know which source they’re playing from. So don’t disregard stuff written by the mun just cause they’re playing a canon.

So regardless of whether its a canon or an OC, to completely ignore all those things they’ve written is pretty rude if you think about it. Cause as stated earlier, they weren’t doing it for themselves.

Yeah I know no one likes to really read, but it won’t hurt you to just take a minute or two to just sit down and read the things they’ve written and requested people have a look at before engaging their character in play.

So please, be a considerate RP partner and do your fellow RPer a solid and read their stuff. Canon or Original character.

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Posting roleplay posts in the fandom "maccadam" tag really clogs the tag but if you don't care about that at least put your long posts under a read more or something please.


Dear Anon,

I feel much the same way you do about blogs that compulsive tag their roleplays and asks in the public tasks at every turn.

However, I do not post all my roleplay posts. I only tag asks or headcanons based on canon or subjects I would really like to share, as my way of contributing to the whole of the community in the same way personal blogs contribute their headcanons. This happens very rarely.

And if you mean about my Primacy rank post, that was not a roleplay post. That was an op-ed piece, written by me, the individual, and not as a roleplayer.

Though this blog is primarily a roleplay blog, it is with an individual behind it. I am a person, not just a mun that writes a single muse. I too would like to contribute in the community, just as everyone else. Although this is my platform to speak on occasion, it does not exclude me from participating my composed contributions in the same capacity everyone else does with their personal blogs.

That I choose to do with through an occasional roleplay is not different than someone writing a fanfiction drabble and posting in the tags, or my ooc posts behind like personal blogs sharing their headcanons and thoughts.

Thank you for your input.

As for long posts, I really do recommend XKit’s extension for shortening posts! Just as XKit guy has advertised, it helps make scrolling posts easier. You can also press J to skip an entire post, and K to go back up. It might be just the thing you are looking for! :)

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● ○

● my muse’s turn offs

○ my muse’s turn ons

((His turn-ons: submission, hair-pulling, roleplaying, cosplay, cross-dressing, public sex, spanking, etc.

His turn-offs: extreme bloodplay, foot fetishes, necrophilia, pedophilia, vore, and a few other minor ones..))

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I saw you removed some things from your page & that's fine~ You can hate me, but GG did nothing. He is just trying ta help~ So go ahead & hate me, but don't hate GG for my actions please~

Tumblr made a very awkward attempt to eat this message and I just now found it in my inbox… It is the Ask Guardian, Guardian of the Asks.

I don’t hate G-Gold, don’t worry, I’m just getting slightly.. I guess the word I’m looking for is ‘picky’. I’m actually considering removing most of the roleplay-like interactions from the public side of the blog to help avoid confusion since this is a kin blog and not a roleplaying blog? Ehhh.

I’m still trying to figure out the best way to run this blog and the Gregory Horror fandom’s starting to remind me of the Guardians fandom, which means I’m starting to get p intimidated by it and that doesn’t help. I do enjoy interacting with characters, though, so I’ll probably still interact with characters publicly if they’re talking at me using anonymous asks, or by responding privately if they’re not. If that makes sense?

I’m clearly not all together in my online life r/n.

whispers, I deleted the haiku by accident.

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Hold up. Is that Chord Overstreet, here at Melrose? Oh wait, that’s just Noah Samson. So he’s 24 and he’s a Professional Quarterback. Apparently he’s Gay. If he’s into dudes he’s a Versatile Top. The guy’s into Incest, Roleplaying, Bareback Sex, Romance, and Public Sex, which is kinda weird. But anyway, he’s known as the Blond Bombshell around here.

Welcome to Project Melrose. Please send in your account within the next 12 hours, follow everyone, and check out this page. Message the main for the ooc link, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask one of the admins.