The Fed report reveals that the income of 25 percent of all Americans with a four-year degree is roughly the same as the average for those with just a high school diploma.

Do the Benefits of College Still Outweigh the Costs?

This suggests, say the authors, “that the economic benefit of a college education is relatively small for at least a quarter of those graduating with a bachelor’s degree.” They’re talking about 14 of the aforementioned 55 graduates.

Those 14 graduates, plus the 45 dropouts, mean that 59 percent of incoming public university freshman eventually fail to gain a financial upside for their investment. Just 41 percent of them “win” that bet, and the College Board says average annual tuition at the nation’s public universities is nearly $9,000 (or $36,000 for four years.) As noted, the chance of winning a lucky bet on a college football game is 50 percent, nine full percentage points higher than winning the tuition bet, but with immediate returns and no homework.


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PHOTO : le siècle héroïque ou machiavélique

PHOTO : le siècle héroïque ou machiavélique

Aujourdhui je vous emmène dans une époque surréaliste, avec pour seul repère l’art français illustré par une technique de portrait du 17 ème siècle.L’artiste se nomme Sacha goldberg.

Quelques icônes et vilain tiré de la culture américaine et plus précisément du cinéma de science fiction sont mis en scène avec leur acteurs respectif sous forme de montage dans une ambiance noble et recherché.


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