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Better Torque and Performance for Turbo Diesel’s

It’s not often we feature products for the truck lovers out there. We thought we would show some Dodge love today. Spearco has been shutting down the competition when it comes to intercooler design and performance. Many have attempted to mimic Spearco intercooler design, only to fail when it came to performing at optimum levels. If you’re looking for the best way to boost hp and treat your truck right, a Spearco Front Mount Intercooler Upgrade is the only way to go. An intercooler is a critical part to a turbocharged engine. The turbocharger efficiency can drop with increased power and the factory intercooler isn’t going cut it. You need a larger intercooler to ensure that the air coming in can be used to the maximum capacity and give your diesel the performance it needs. All the hot air coming in can be cooled with a Spearco Front Mount Intercooler Upgrade. The air then becomes more dense, in-turn creating more horsepower. If your upgrading your turbo diesel truck and enjoy destroying cars off the line with massive amounts of torque, then make sure to check out these new Spearco parts.

Check out more Dodge Cummins products here. 


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Milltek Releases New Exhaust for EcoBoost Ford Focus ST

Milltek Sport, a leading manufacturer of high performance road and motorsport exhaust systems has announced the release of their cat-back system for the new MK3 Ford Focus ST. This system offers the uncompromised blend of sound quality and performance that Milltek Sport has gained a global reputation for. As with all Milltek exhaust, this system is hand-constructed from start to finish at the company’s cutting-edge factory in England. This system features 3″ diameter type 304L stainless steel tubing, single high flow rear silencer and dual 100mm tips that enhance the aggressive look of the ST. 3 tip are available: titanium, gloss black and mirror polish.

The Milltek Ford Focus ST system is available now, and please note that this system has a different wholesale discount compared to our other exhaust systems. For more information, please give us a call, or email us.  Shop our entire line of Milltek Exhaust Systems here.

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Cusco Releases Full Rear Suspension Package for Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT86

Cusco, one of the leaders in suspension components based in Japan, has just released their full suspension package for the latest tuner car sensation.  The shared platform of the Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ, and Toyota GT86 make up the newest rear wheel drive coupe.  Its popularity as seen at the 2012 SEMA show, proves why every company is on board to get out new products for this platform.  The rear suspension of the Subaru Engine based sports coupe shares most of the same parts as the earlier Subaru WRX 5-door from 2008-2012.  With that, companies like Agency Power and Cusco have been able to deliver proven suspension upgrades such as rear control arms, rear sway bar, rear sway bar links, and unique to Cusco, rear under braces, trailing rods, differential brace, and lateral links.  View all our FRS, BRZ, GT86 Tuning Parts here.

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New SRT Viper Cold Air Intake Released with Dyno Video

They say there is no replacement for displacement, at that is certainly the truth with the SRT Viper V10 engine. However what a big block likes is more air flow to keep that thirsty engine crankin away. The Viper’s performance has been well engineered, but there is always a couple more ponies that can be squeezed out. Agency Power has developed this new cold air intake kit for the 2013+ SRT Viper. The air intake kit is a complete replacement for the stock intake box. Feeding directly from the hood scoop, the new Agency Power intake gets its air via high flow aFe advanced cone air filters with front conical inlets. The filters feed into two separated 3.5 inch ID aluminum tubes with CNC machined sensor mounts. The tubes which are powdercoated wrinkled black, are joined together with a elegant CNC machined AP logo bridge plate. Finally, the intake connects to the stock intake manifold with a pair of AP logo silicone couplers.

As tested on the dyno, the cold air intake made significant gains in the mid to top end RPM range. With peak gains of about 15 horsepower, the cold air intake enhanced the engine sound “100 times over stock”, according to one driver. The cold air intake kit includes all hardware and heat shield needed for installation. Designed to work on 2013+ SRT Viper V10 vehicles. View pricing and more information here.

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Stance Nation Import Showoff Nisei Week Automotive Life Video

The Vivid Racing crew headed out to the 2013 Nisei JDM Showoff event sponsored by Stance Nation in Downtown Los Angeles. Having attended the event back in 2003, 2004, and 2009, we made a bigger and badder return with our massive tent, Status Racing seats, and Nissan Skyline R34 GTR. Covering all of the hellaflush style cars from VIP Lexus, stanced EVO’s and STI’s, old school AE86′s, and more. Widebody kits were in no shortage or either were super deep 3 piece wheels. Like this video? Check out more videos and similar cars on our blog here –

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Make Your Own Blue and Green Tiger

The FRS, BRZ and Toyota 86 are the epitome of an aftermarket enthusiast dream. Playing around my kids lately I came up with this analogy that the FRS, BRZ and 86 cars are like parents giving their kid a Disney themed coloring book versus blank white paper. The blank white paper, you’re starting from the very beginning and you have to do all the work yourself. With the BRZ, FRS and 86 platforms it’s like getting a coloring book with all your favorite characters already outlined, you just have to make it your own. The boring kids will make the tiger black and orange, but innovators like us, we will make our tiger blue and neon green. Why? Because we can!

With that, Cusco is catering to the blue and neon green tigers of the world. They want to make as many quality parts as they can for each model, so they can cater to any an every style out there. We’ve seen some of their out-of-the-box suspension products in the past, now they are broadening their carbon fiber assortments. If you have a FRS, BRZ or Toyota 86 you have to check out all the Cusco Products. They will make your aftermarket dreams come true.

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Work Emotion CR Ultimate Wheels Exclusive at Vivid Racing for BMW M3

If your a wheel junky and want to get the latest wheel that nobody else has, then come check out these new Work Emotion CR Ultimate Wheels available exclusively from Vivid Racing!  The 19×9.5 and 19×10.5 fitments are designed for the BMW M3 E92, E93, E90 cars.  They can also fit the E46 M3 but will be aggressive.  The front wheel is a +25mm offset and the rear is a +22mm offset.  Vivid Racing has the bronze silver, and matte black wheels instock.  We can also do Wheel and Tire Packages shipped to you!  Check out the photos below and call us to order.  1.480.966.3040 or Buy Here.

More About Work Emotion Wheels

The WORK Emotion CR Ultimate (“Kiwami”) is the latest addition to the WORK Emotion lineup. Inspired by the classic Emotion CR design, it utilizes the latest in WORK Flowforming Technology (WFT) for a lighter and stronger wheel.

This WORK Emotion CR Ultimate utlizes WORK Flowforming Technology, also known as spun forming in the USA. The key benefit for flow forming is the ability to reduce the barrel thickness, thus reducing the weight of the wheel without compromising the strength of the rim barrel.

The CR Ultimate is a good choice for motorsports racing use and/or general street use. Unlike traditional flow forming wheels, WORK flow forming wheels start with low-pressure cast construction, whereas others use lower quality gravity casting.

Low-pressure cast construction has a denser material property over gravity cast wheels, thus allowing a greater strength advantage over gravity cast with flow-forming barrel.


  • WORK Flowforming Technology
  • Reduced thickness for lighter weight, without reduced strength
  • Denser material property over traditional gravity cast wheels
  • Great for street and/or motorsport use

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Should We Upgrade to 2 Piece AP Racing Braking Rotors

When it comes to braking systems there are a couple of names that always come to mind.  Brembo, StopTech, Alcon, and AP Racing.  Brembo is most commonly associated with big brake kits or OEM as almost every high performance vehicle now comes with them from the factory.  Beyond these 4, there are several other big brake kit upgrades from companies not associated directly with motorsports.   But once you cut away the bling and how many pistons you don’t really need, you have brake technology engineering.  AP Racing is one of those that is synonomous with racing.  They are involved in Formula 1, Rally,  Stock Car Racing, street cars, and more.  Engineered and built in the United Kingdom, AP Racing’s aftermarket components are extremely popular worldwide and starting to gain steam here in the USA.

Recently AP Racing sent us a set of their J Hook style rotors to test fit on to our Project SRT Viper.  From the factory, the Viper comes with a Brembo caliper setup using a StopTech 2piece rotor.  Personally I think this is very weird as if someone were to put a Mustang engine in a Camaro.  Beyond opinions, there is probably some serious testing from SRT on this setup.  No shortage of braking performance on the SRT Viper, this AP Racing upgrade is purely for that next level of stopping or replacing the OEM when needed.  For reference, the stock brakes are a 4 piston caliper front and rear with 14 inch (355mm) slotted rotors.

So what is the difference or why change them out?  Lets go over the basics…  The rotors are both 2 piece with aluminum hats.  The AP Racing features their unique J Hook design where the StopTech is a standard slotted rotor.  In the racing world, both of these are “technically” better than drilled.  Drilled rotors look better, but under extreme braking use continuously, they can develop cracks.  Rotor grooves and cross drilling are used to better allow gases produced to escape.  This is also known as heat dissipation.  When the face of the rotor is modified, the friction characteristics are changed.  Different grooves or patterns will help the braking performance so theorhetically, this really depends on the application or needs.  The J Hook design is suppose to give improved bite over slotted.  Obviously braking is via friction and brake pad material is used up and can adhere to the rotor surface.  The J Hook design is also suppose to give more clearance for debris and reduce vibration or distortion that can commonly happen from over used rotors.  These features are enhanced because the J Hook design does not run out towards the rotor end.

In addition to the rotor type, another major determining factor is the rotor hardware.  This determines if the rotor is a true floating rotor or not.  Brembo uses the patented McLaren hardware which features a bearing with a spring to keep a true center line of braking.  If you have ever heard a Brembo GTR kit, you will notice that it rattles.  This is because in the racing applications, they do not use the bearing but the spring only.  Because of this patented application, other companies must use a different design that is up for debate on its longevity.  StopTech uses a Belleville Iconel washer and bolt setup.  The washers were originally just designed to be a high-heat lock washer. They have a very high spring rate so once they are torqued down they don’t allow the disk to move.   Thus making it not a true true floating rotor.  When a disk isn’t allowed to expand the hat may crack around the bolt hole area.  With a 2 piece rotor, the hat should not become a consumable item.  AP Racing uses a common bobbin pin design.  The bobbin pin design uses a spring clip that when the hat is bolted to the rotor, gives it resistance to “float” under braking pressure.  When you talk about a floating rotor, it is meant that the rotor truely “floats” on the hat.  When you brake, the pads are clamping equally on both sides of the rotor to help with pad wear, rotor wear, heat dissipation, and clamping ability.

So the end question would be, which would you prefer and why?

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Got a VF Engineering Supercharger on Your BMW M3? Check This!

Already have the best supercharger kit available for your BMW M3 by VF Engineering?  Looking to add a VF supercharger kit to your M3 but want a little more engine styling?  This is the perfect upgrade for you!  This made in the USA carbon fiber intake manifold cover is a direct fit for the VF cast manifold.  The cover slips right over the top and fits securly in place.  Even if you have already powdercoated or painted your intake manifold, this cover is a perfect fit to change up your engine bay styling.  The 1 piece cover fits all VF Engineering supercharger VF620 and VF650 kits for the BMW M3 E90, E92, E93 cars.  You can order yours here!

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Focus ST Teaser with Work Wheels and NEW AP Parts

Our Project Ford Focus ST is coming along and almost ready to debut on the streets.  Our widebody flares are in the mold making process to finish off in carbon fiber.  We have started a new carbon fiber front grill replacement to make the front end even more aggressive.  To add to the carbon theme, we have also designed a very simple carbon chin spoiler which gives the front bumper a little more front end grunt than before.  Having 2 sets of wheels for the car to test out, our first set is these super deep Work Wheels with Toyo Tires.  We did the test fit and lowered the car to get the look and fender measurements.  However are awesome chrome sky blue Niche wheels will be going soon enough once new tires arrive!

On the part manufacturing side with Agency Power, we have just completed our lower billet aluminum motor mount.  This mount features the same urethane bushing that we have used for years in our Mitsubishi EVO motor mounts.  In addition to our already designed aluminum rear toe arms, we have finished our adjustable “boomerang” billet aluminum camber arms.  Both are being anodized red to match the car but will be available in several colors for customers once ready.

Enjoy the pics and stay tuned!

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Ready to Race WRC Style? Check Out NEW Stilo Items!

If you live to watch late night WRC events and then wake up and head to the track, most likely you own a helmet. But who are you kidding going out to events in a motorcycle helmet? If you want to be the part, you got to look the part! That is where this all new manufacture for Vivid Racing comes into place. Stilo was founded in 1999 by a former champion Italian race car driver. Producing extremely lightweight closed and open face helmets, they are very popular in WRC, F1, and other motorsports because of the integration with the ChatterBox communication systems. Their carbon fiber DES helmet is probably the most recognizeable with its half face shield, HANs Device integration, microphone setup, and EPS cheek pads.

The entire Stilo line up can be seen on our Racing Gear Store here..

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The Ultimate STÄTUS Symbol for Mercedes

Mercedes owners have always had STÄTUS envy. Many Mercedes customers of ours want custom STÄTUS seats, but up until now, they were nearly impossible to install. This was because the OEM seat-belt buckle was attached to the factory seat as one piece. We recognized the need for a bracket that could hold the STÄTUS seat and the OEM seat-belt buckle. We reached out to our friends over at Agency Power, to create a customized bracket that would be comparable to the factory setup. Agency Power custom made a prototype seat bracket that housed the STÄTUS seat, and OEM factory seat-belt buckle. It is thanks to this partnership that Mercedes owners everywhere can now be STÄTUS icons.

This is the W204 chassis model and is only available for Mercedes C-Class 08-13+. Vivid Racing will be offering this Agency Power/ STÄTUS duo in the future. However, this package is not yet available online. If you’re interested in purchasing one, please email Here is a preview of the install.

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Any Audi Q7 Fans? See Hofele’s New Tuning Program!

With its own language of style Hofele-Design turns the Audi Q7 facelift into
a dynamic individualist “STRATOR GT 780″.

The front bumper is completely replaced by a new one with big air intakes and four additional lamps. The impressive lines of the Q7 are sharpened even more by the emotional wheel arch extensions. The combination of the four oval tailpipes and the wide rear apron diffusor makes the Q7 rear look even more powerful.
The kit is installed to the serial points of attachment and partially glued onto the car. It can be used on all Q7 models.

Body-Kit “STRATOR GT 750″
- small version – for Audi Q7 Facelift
The “Strator GT 750″ small version includes
the same components as the “Strator GT 780″ wide body kit except for the front fenders and wheel arch extensions for the front & rear axle. The kit is suitable for all Q7 versions with our without parking sensors.

Hofele Design-Wheel
Dynamic elegance
The Hofele-Design “Reverso II” designer wheel is available for the Audi Q7 in the sizes 9,0×20” and 10,0×22”.

Premium interior
Bi-colour leather interior
Inside of the Q7 Hofele-Design offers its new bi-colour leather interior. The leather interior designed by Hofele-Design has stitched elements and ornamental seams. Also newly covered besides the seats are the door elements, the front & rear arm rests and the steering wheel.

Hofele ETS-System
Electronic lowering module
An electrical lowering module lowers and lifts the Q7 speed-related. While standing and driving up to 80km/h the car is lowered 40mm. When driving over 80km/h (50mph) the serial height is restored to provide the full safety and comfort while driving in high-speeds.

Motor tuning
Hofele Dynamic Pro
Maximum driving pleasure
But what presses the passengers into the elegant seats in the sportive interior?

The engine tuning by Hofele-Design for the 3.0 & 4.2 Diesel
and 3.0; 3.6 & 4.2 gasoline engines.
For example: Hofele-Design increases the power of the 3.0 TDI Diesel from
245 PS / 180 kW to 318 PS / 234 kW and the torque from 550 Nm to 599 Nm.

As usual all parts are being mounted to the original points of attachment.

This is easy-going, fast and requires no modifications to the car at all. The complete kit is available and ready for sale now.

View all Hofele Upgrades for Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche Here

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APR Releases Aero Upgrades for C7 - Pre-Order Today

APR Performance have been leaders in the aerodynamic industry since 2002. Similar to the way we use our project cars, APR too uses the latest and greatest cars to model their latest carbon fiber creations. We are excited to announce that APR is releasing carbon upgrades for the notorious Chevrolet C7 Stingray Z51. However, with most of their highly anticipated products they will have a pre-order for the initial run, then give an eta for the next batch to be released.

We are now taking pre-orders for the new C7 upgrades from APR Performance. There will only be 50 of each part available, so pre-order today! To pre-order please call 480-966-3040 or email

Shop APR C7 products HERE. Shop all APR HERE.

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SRT Viper About to Get a Blast of Root Beer, Carbon, and Cool Air

Count them down industry peeps and car junkies as we have 30 days till the worlds best cars head to Las Vegas for the 2013 SEMA show.  Having had a car, I believe, at every show since 2003, this will be our 2nd appearance in a row with partner Seibon International.  Our 2013 SRT Viper will be in full effect with some serious changes.  While we continue to leak out some updates, there are some recent ones we thought you should see!  The big focus for the SEMA show will be the exterior aero enhancements.  Everyone asks why we took off all the body panels to dyno the car in our SRT Viper Smoke Show video.  We took them off because we are creating some really cool carbon updates that will drive the SRT Viper owners crazy.  Including a updated front lip spoiler, hood, side skirts, rear diffuser, and rear wing, we have just had a chance to test fit and install the GT style rear spoiler.  This Viper will be more function than some will think (wind tunnel testing???).

In addition to the styling, Agency Power has begun performance parts development on the car.  With plans for updated headers, race exhaust, and other effective bolt-on parts, AP has started with the air intake system.  The twin tube intake features high flow aFe filters, intake heat shield tray, and a beautifully mounted CNC machined AP logo bridge keeping the 2 intake tubes together.  Stock ride height and stock wheels are always such a bore.  So starting with the wheels, we are working with our partners at Niche Wheels by MHT, the manufacture of the wheel industries top names.   The Vicenza wheels are a 20×10.5 in the front and a 21×12.5 in the rear for some serious rubber on the ground.  The 1 piece monoblock forged construction still retains a lightweight function and the root beer finish makes them extremely sexy on the white body.

Stay tuned to our Project SRT Viper Gallery Here for more pictures and updates.

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Agency Power Carbon Fiber Ducts with DRL LED Scion FR-S Released

Agency Power manufactures high-end aftermarket products for a variety of vehicles.  Looking to give the Scion FR-S or Toyota GT-86 owners a functional, yet stylish look to their vehicle, we have developed these carbon fiber brake ducts with LED daytime running lights.  The look of the carbon fiber replaces a boring, non-functioning feature of the car with a sleek new, aggressive look.  The carbon fiber duct is integrated into the light and features a funnel shape that allows airflow to enter and if desired, use brake ducting to cool the brake calipers.  The new DRL features a dual LED so when you activate your turn signal, it switches from a bright white to a flashing orange.

The installation is very simple tapping into the existing marker light and running a switch power wire so you get to have true daytime running lights.  These kits are sold as a pair of left and right lights and include the power boxes with wiring.  Agency Power does offer a limited lifetime warranty on products.  The DRL kits carry a 90 warranty against LED failure.  Order your kit here!

This kit fits all Scion FR-S or Toyota GT-86 cars from 2013+  View Installation Instructions Here.

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LR Performance and Vivid Racing Partner for

Vivid Racing is proud to debut its newest business partnership with LR Performance of France.  Shipping parts all over the world, Vivid Racing is a global brand.  But there are certain markets that a direct partnership with a regionalized company will yield more exposure to the VR brand.  France is one of the key markets in Europe to which Vivid Racing has great web traffic and business potential.  The French love their motorsports and racing.  Some of the best drivers and even circuits are located in France.  Circuit Paul Ricard, Mas de Clos private track and worlds largest Ferrari collection, and of course, home to the fastest car in the world, the Bugatti Veyron.  To further gain market share, Vivid Racing has partnered with LR Performance of Arthes, France to bring you

Vivid Racing France is an exclusive distributor to French gear heads for all products seen on the Vivid Racing main website.  In addition, they are the exclusive distributor for sister companies, Agency Power and Status Racing.  Not just another mail order website, Vivid Racing France has been in the racing and tuning game for quite some time.  Turbo kits, engine builds, dyno tuning, and racing at the track is all the norm for Marc Lambec and his crew.  So if you are located in France and want to get your car outfitted, check out Vivid Racing France and be sure to follow them on Facebook Here.

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Ford Focus ST Dropped and Handled with KW Suspension

Yes, the Focus ST Project Car is back with an all new update!  We have been busy going top to bottom on creating something very unique!  While we wait for our new 18×10.5 wheels (wink wink), we decided to get the suspension dialed.  Our preferred suspension of choice is the KW Variant 3 or in general, the KW Suspension product.  Their design and function of the coilover which is built in Germany has always impressed us.  Who really cares what we think though when you have 5 out of 6 years winning the 24 hour of Nurburgring race under your belt!  What we do like about the KW V3 is the seperate rebound and compression adjustments.  Whether we use these on our GT-R, 911 Turbo, Mercedes CLS63, or Scion FR-S, the ride is always beautiful for street, but aggressive when the car is pushed.  The adjustments allow for you to fine tune how the shock reacts from compression into a bump and rebounding from a bump.  Setting this to take into account driving style, vehicle use, tire choice, allows for you to have an exceptionally well balanced ride.  Unlike typical coilovers which just have 1 adjustment called dampening, the ability to control either or is what makes this superior.  Its not the number of clicks but what those clicks are doing.

In addition, KW has a patented bump stop material that is used on its shock absorbers.  This material acts like a 3rd spring which is why the spring rates tend to be softer then standard coilovers.  With this bump stop, the car won’t jar you to death but simply soak up the bumps like a well oiled luxury sedan.   With the suspension on the car and it slightly lowered, the handling part is just beginning.  We are also in the middle of developing rear adjustable toe arms and camber arms from Agency Power.  Our front and rear sway bars are being engineered as we speak to complete the entire Ford Focus ST package.  In the meantime you can enjoy one of our ever so popular Vivid Racing Videos of the KW installation and these still pics!

Shop all Ford Focus ST Parts Here

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Yes People are Still Making 996 Turbo Performance Parts!

One of the most popular power upgrades for the Porsche 996 Turbo, X50, GT2 has been our high flow 3 inch Y-Pipe kit. Now this same kit that has been available for years is now available in full carbon fiber! The new Y-Pipe replaces the factory unit and 70% of the silicone boost hoses. Designed to work with the stock style intercoolers, we include new silicone adapters and cnc machined fittings. The new Y-Pipe reduces any possibility of pressure drop or blowing off a boost hose. As well, the Y-Pipe reduces the bend by about 45 degrees compared to stock for a straight shot to the intercooler. Because of the shape and design, airflow is improved which equals the improvement in power. Our end goal was simple, build a product that would retain the stock airbox, flow better, use OEM parts, and look the part!
Using our Mustang all wheel drive dyno, we tested the original part on a car with 91 octane and low boost set at 1.2bar. With fans moving fresh air to the intercoolers, we did a baseline on the car and achieved a starting point of 493whp and 477ft/lbs of torque. Leaving the car strapped to the dyno, we removed the stock Y-Pipe and bolted on the Agency Power upgraded carbon y-pipe. With everything secured in place, we fired up the car to give it a run with the new Y-Pipe. With absolutely NO changes to the cars configuration, the Y-Pipe added 21whp and 24ft/lbs of torque to the car. This was quite an impressive bolt on gain that also added style and potential scalable performance to the car.

This part fits all 2001-2005 Porsche 996 Turbo, X50, and GT2. All Agency Power products come with a LIMITED LIFETIME warranty.  View more info and pricing here

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Scion FRS Turbocharged with PasswordJDM Carbon

This customer has been custom building this FRS with Vivid products for the past several months. The latest addition to his masterpiece is the Password: JDM Dry Carbon Fiber Engine Cover for the Scion FRS 2013. The purpose of the engine cover is mostly aesthetic, but what aftermarket part isn’t realistically for looks in addition to increase function? The thing that sets Password: JDM Dry Carbon Fiber products is the scratch resistant resin they use. This will ensure that your cover will look like new throughout it’s lifetime. The dry carbon also allows Password to custom mold the parts so the engine cover fits like glove every time. Here are some other parts this customer has installed to make this car one-of-a-kind.

If you don’t think you can swing a superman-like engine cover. Then maybe just get a shirt, until you can handle the cover. In the meantime, check out all our FRS products here.