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Do you ship LisannaxRogue

I think it’s a ship that has potential, but for it to happen I think Rogue would need more interaction with Lisanna just like in any real relationship. But my Rogue hasn’t had much of an interaction with Lisanna except a few tiny chats.

"…who is she again? The girl that kind of looks like Yukino?"

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"I question where your interests lie.. Asking for people to make you 'shut up' shows no sign of self respect. And this isn't even touching upon how dishonorable it is to offer this to multiple people."

"It’s a little fun game and it’s a light kiss to those who I consider a family. An innocent kiss placed on foreheads or even a cheek  like the one you give to Frosch of course," she says, forcing a light-hearted tone to her voice. She tilts her head to the side a little, holds her breath when she raises her eyes to meet his. Lisanna steps forward, taking his face into her hands, letting one thumb caress his cheek and her knees suddenly feel shaky, her knees knocking against each other. She raises on her tiptoes until their mouths are on the same level, his damp breath breaking over her lips, and she purses her lips, fluttering them over them his. "You said shut up.." she says against his lips, her voice barely above a whisper.  Of course it was never required to be on the lips but curiosity to feel his lips hit her like a truck. She quickly pulled back and rubbed the back of her neck, “I might have gotten carried away, sorry.”

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"I was ordered to a foolish task..," he grumbled, before adding, ".. I am to kiss you." With that warning, the dragonslayer stepped forward so that he was able to look down at her from his height advantage. In one abrupt movement her hand was taken in his. Slowly, the hand that was in his possession was brought up to his face, and grazed by his lips. He held her eyes with his for a moment before rewarding her with a slight bow, and turned to leave. "Forgive me for the inconvenience."

"T-Task?" Something like a lump is clogging her throat, and she swallows. She fiddles with her hands before he took hold of it.   Tilting her head to the side a little, her hair bobbing in her peripheral vision a bit lost on what was happening. Her eyes widen as she felt the touch of his lips on her hand. Not able to take her eyes off his, looking at him with gentleness simmering in her eyes.  She feels the heat pulsing beneath her cheeks as he takes the bow, “It’s n-no inconvenience.”

Privacy was something that the dragonslayer had much demanded. It was in his nature to keep to himself. And yet, the hypocrisy of his actions didn’t cross him when he made his way over to the guild’s current lodging. It didn’t hit him still when he activated shadow drive and slid into her bedroom. No matter, it wasn’t like he intended to cause any harm. Not really.

Quickly, without leaving any trace of his presence, Rogue placed a container on top of her bed. The warmth still clung to his fingers as he made his way out through her window.

Later, once she came home, she would find a container full of warm homemade chocolate chip cookies. And if she didn’t come too late, she would find that they were still fresh.

Unlike the times before, this act had not been forced by Frosch. Of course, the exceed had suggested it, but Rogue found himself somewhat willing this time in comparison to others.

A single note would be attached to the container, a single piece of tape binding it in place.

I couldn’t let Frosch eat all of these at once.
- R.

What a day, everyone running around while she kept trying to sneak some food into her room. Of course she loved how wild everyone got but for some reason she just wanted to go to her room and actually eat without having to dodge people being thrown.

It was a complete failure but getting some rest in her room was good enough. She stopped in front of her door and giggled, thinking back on the drawing she had received the other day. With a light sigh she opened her door and noticed something on her bed. Quickly she walked over to her bed, picking up the container. The smell gave it away, homemade chocolate chip cookies. But who was it from?

With a quick glance she knew who it was from, she squeezed it warmly, grinning, something snapped, sending her stomach into a series of back flips and impacting her chest as if she ran a million miles just now. She was so innocent about it, her stomach growled reminding her of the plan she had failed on earlier. “Rogue you really don’t know how much your small gestures mean to me. And how helpful they are.” she giggled, a dim sparkle lit her blue eyes when she opened the container. “They’re warm..” she mumbled as she placed one in her mouth and ran towards her window. She searched around wondering if he was nearby but there was no sign of him.