kat-dracarys said:

Wait, so. Steve's still got the super soldier serum in his tiny kitty body?? So he COULD have taken on that rottweiler, huh? Imagine Bucky's face as he sees kitten america absolutely WRECK something that could easily rip a kitten to bits.

… we may need to incorporate that somewhere in this AU.  Because Bitty Steve being a BAMF is my catnip, whether I write him with four legs or two.  :P 

This is one of the times I REALLY wish I had drawing skillz because SUPER SOLDIER KITTEN is an anime I want to see happening. 



This actually came up on a Google Search.

God bless Google.

I’m not really happy with how the colouring turned out, tbh. I prefer the sketch.

Natasha and Clint had been sniggering for about a minute now, and the only reason Tony was still standing was because of the Iron Man suit.

"I can’t believe they miniaturised the costume,” Tony said in disbelief, tears of laughter streaming down his face.

"It’s a suit, Tony,” Steve tried to say, but the only thing that came out was a low, aggravated, ‘mroooow’. Cling gave a loud, and quite frankly unattractive snort, and leaned on Natasha, who wasn’t doing much better. Steve tried to set the both of them on fire with his eyes.

He hears the sound of Sam’s wings shortly before the man himself lands next to the helplessly giggling ex-assassins. 

"I, uh. I don’t wanna ask."


"Please tell me you’re not Steve."

Meow,” Steve says apologetically. 

"Fury’s gonna be so mad."

ROFLMAO. While this isn’t how I’d exactly envisioned the future of this AU - no spoilers! - I think I can safely hint that Steve Rogers may have more adventures as Cat America! :P