I bust my lip yesterday by pulling a book off the top shelf and someone other side was putting one on and it just shoved all the way through and hit me in the lips. Blood went everywhere. Librarian laughed.

Accident prone.

Also last night I cleaned the microwave out as the boys don’t cover their soup/noodles/beans and it just explodes everywhere. They haven’t washed their shit in over a week and I just had to scrub the walls of the corridor because they decided it would be fun to write racial slurs, draw dicks and their names all over them.

I am not fucking happy. I hate boys (well, dirty ones like my flatmates.)

So I went to beths to shower seeing as mine is broken and housekeeping are out of hours and upon returning to my flat in my christmas PJ’s and my hair drying purple turban I open the door to find my two male flatmates dressed as slutty school girls.

Now, this is of course really weird and we stared each other down  questioning each others attire internally before one of the boys asked
"Can I borrow one of your bras?"

…flat 16, everybody.

anonymous said:

i'm going to be in roeburn next year, is it a good halls to be in? is IQ a better halls though because that's what most people say :(

Roeburn is great! The rooms are a decent size for student en-suite halls, the kitchens are a great size, there are nice sofas and the layout of the halls itself means there’s a nice courtyard they surround with benches to sit on when it’s sunny and stuff! It’s near most of the university buildings so you don’t have to walk too far anyway unless you’re in vernon or greenbank.. they’re still only about 10/15 minutes walk though! (so you can stay in bed longer) IQ Kopa halls are great, but it’s because they are the newest ones, it’s the people that make your time here, not the four walls you sleep in. If you are really unhappy about being in Roeburn when you move in, ring the accommodation service and they will possibly be able to situate you within Kopa, but honestly there is nothing wrong with Roeburn, promise! Infact, Roeburn has wifi, Kopa doesn’t, it’s only wired! If you want to know anything else let me know. xx

(tagged for people who have also been put in roeburn and know nothing about it, I didn’t before I came!)

Beginning to wonder what, apart from the obvious, money paid for accommodation goes towards…. They knew about the crack/hole in the wall before first term and didn’t bother fixing it and now the plastering is falling off. Kind of sick of only three washing machines and dryers working for the whole of roeburn too….

When two of your flatmates buy nerf guns and you steal the bullets to protect yourself and use them as social currency (ie. giving them back in return for favours)