The thing || Rodam||

Rose pulled her wet hair back into a pony tail and she walked out of the bathroom and into the empty room. Thirteen days. Their room, and their bed have been absent of Adam for thirteen days. Every night Rose would hope he would come back in the middle of the night and she would open her eyes the next morning to find him there, but he wasn’t, and she would cry. She would cry when she woke up and when she went to bed because he wasn’t there. She missed him so much it hurt, and it didn’t help that she had gotten no sleep in the past thirteen days either. Everytime she would close her eyes she would have her nightmare replay itself, so at night she would just lay awake, with Trixie and Winny, while laying on Adam’s side of the bed. She was tired, so tired and she needed sleep. So she decided to go to Marcus in hopes he would have something. For the first time in thirteen days, Rose left the room. She traveled to the other end of the house, not making eye contact with anyone. She reached his door and she stood there, feeling small and fragile. She wondered if Marcus knew how Adam was, well of course he knew. Rose looked at the ring that was still on her finger and she started playing with it before she knocked on the door, then waited patiently for Marcus to open the door while playing with the end of Adams shirt.

Because sometimes you need someone to hold down, and sometimes I need someone to hold me down.

Finished! Sorry I didn’t do as many progress shots with this one, I did A LOT of experimenting with it so things kept changing. 

Anways, have some Adam and Ronan! I’ve been led to believe that their ship name is Rodam? IDK. But I like them. A lot.

I drew this listening to “Youth and Whiskey” by Black Veil Brides.

There’s a short review of Dream Thieves under the cut!

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city of love // rodam

Adam hugged Presley tightly, holding her to her chest as if letting her go would mean losing her forever. Not again. The things she had been through… Adam wished he could take them all away. He found her hiding in one of their homes, looking terrified. Trevor ruined her life once again. His entire family was dead, aside from Presley. Trevor killed his parents, then himself. Selfish bastard. Selfish fucking bastard. 

Now they were standing in front of his flat, and he was still hugging her, and Presley was still hugging him. “I thought you were dead.” She mumbled, and he could feel tears on his jumper. “I thought you were too, Pres…” He said, kissing the top of her head. He pulled back, wiping the tears off of her face and smiling. “But you’re safe now, Little Sis. Nothing will hurt you anymore.” He promised her. He wasn’t lying, because he wouldn’t let it. “Rose has just been dying to meet you… are you ready?” Presley nodded, and Adam unlocked the door. “Rose!” Adam called out. “There’s someone here to meet you.”


Rose sat in the waiting room, reading on her phone, with her head on Adams shoulder. When she was done reading the article she locked her phone and looked up at him. “So…I am positive that we are having a girl.” She told him, feeling confident. “I mean, we won’t find out officially for sure for another seven weeks, but… I’m positive that we are having a girl.” Rose told him with a smile. “Sooooo that means, we can start finding cute little things for baby Presley.” Rose told him as she kissed his jaw.

I saw an otp prompt and now all I can think of is what Ronan and Adam would buy for each other and what they’d say upon receiving their gift. HELP.

I mean, Adam would buy Ronan something cheap but super thoughtful, and Ronan would accept it with faked indifference, but inside he’d be really, really touched that Adam had thought of him, and spent money (and more importantly, time) on him.

And Ronan would buy something cheap too, something observant, because he knows Adam would be uncomfortable with an expensive gift (even if it were a gift) because he’d think it’s out of pity. And Adam would accept the gift with reluctance, because he’s accustomed to rejecting all generosity from his rich friends, but he’d know that this was actually a gift


Fly Away / Rodam

Adam had made up his mind. He had narrowed the possibilities down in regards to where Sutton could possibly be, and at that point it had been 9 days. He needed to go. Kherington had been trying in vain to find her, so had Eoghan and Ariel and he heard that Kheri had even hired a private investigator but that was all pointless because nobody knew where Zachary’s house was, the one where he hosted all of his parties… the one you needed clearance to even be able to see. He was Sutton’s only hope, so he went to Rose’s bedside. “Rose,” He said, putting his hand in hers. “I need to go find Sutton. I’m the only one who knows how. I don’t want to leave you, but nobody but me can do this, but I needed your permission first.”

//minipara thing

Rose stood outside Adam’s dorm building, waiting for someone to open the door. Finally, someone came and opened the door, they gave her a strange look as she walked passed them. She almost ran up the stairs then looked down at her stomach - she couldn’t. She felt tears begin to swell in her eyes again as she went to the elevator and pressed 13, and she waited until it dinged; then she walked down the hall to his room. She stopped herself from knocking and tried to make herself look more presentable - though it was almost impossible in her opinion. her hair was in a pony tail but she had hair everywhere still; her face was red and her eyes were red and puffy from crying nonstop for two days. She smiled at the little and too the dry erase pen and drew a little rose beside Adams name before putting it back and knocking on the door. She sniffled and tried to dry her eyes of tears that kept coming. 


“I guess I’m on the elves bad side. Apparently they don’t take nicely to being asked for something without you saying please first. Sorry. It’s not usually in my vocabulary.”

“You know, saying the word please can actually give you more things than what you would think. Its just a simple gesture of manners. I’m sure just a simple, sorry, would get you on their good side again.”

“Ewww! Saying I’m sorry? Why would I ever? I’ll just get some younger kid to get me some food until it wears off and the Elves get over it.They will, who could stay mad at this face?” He smiles cheesily. “Not you Rosie Posie.”

“Who says I can’t.”

Pistões vermelhos

Não podia ser como eles mesmo que tentasse,

não sabia como era por mais que quisesse.

E por mais que fosse um deles não parecia,

E por mais que parecesse era só um disfarce.

Se perguntava se insistia nesta jaula de estresse

Se indagava se o que rejeitava era o que queria.

E sem espelhos com reflexo que lhe revelasse,

Sua mente sem face com o tempo enlouquece.

As engrenagens que rodam na máquina fria,

Giravam pela arte da alma em desgaste.

Enquanto a busca incessante pela resposta celeste,

Arrancava da máquina a doce harmonia.