Get to know the project:designers! Michele Sansone!

Michele Sansone, from O’Fallon explains that her designs are based on 1940’s menswear and military minutiae. “I feel the line appeals to women who prefer a more finessed and tailored appearance without the fussiness of lace and ruffles. This is not to say the line lacks detail. On the contrary, the line is rich with stitching, seaming, and hardware details that all hint back to the strength of the military look without becoming utilitarian.”  Inspired by Giorgio Armani and Thierry Mugler as well as Moomba ton and 1930’s jazz music too!  Her personal style is military/rock-n-roll/1940’s glamour. “An odd combination, to be sure, but it’s the only way I can think to describe it.”  Sansone Designs by costume designer Michele Sansone.

5 Favorite Men's Trends for Spring 2015

We are so sorry that this post is one day late!

But as promised, here is Rock Uniform’s 5 favorite Men’s Trends for 2015! Some looks are really put together and others are more on the causal end.  

#5 Tunic Me Crazy

Typically we only associate tunics with women’s wear, however, there were defiantly a lot of longer styled shirts on the menswear runway for spring 2015. The men’s tunics set off a beach resort vibe when they come in colors like light blue and white, and paired with a cream or khaki outerwear. 

Billy Reid

#4 All Zipped Up

It might be a “barley there” detail, but adding a zipper all the way down the front of a shirt made a huge statement for men’s spring 2015 trends. The “zip shirt” was seen on both causal and dressy looks, but made it’s best appearance when paired with matching pants. 


#3 I’d Patch That

Patchwork inspired by Japanese style was a popular look on the runway, in anything from denim, to sweaters. Typical seen in a shirt and matching pant set. 

Junya Watanabe

#2 Mod Athlete 

Like we saw in the women’s spring “sporty spice” trend, color blocking black and white with a splash of color, was really popular with the menswear designers this year as well. Instead of using a bright color like red or yellow, burgundy or navy was associated with the men’s color blocking, but also like the women, using mesh patterns to give a sporty feel. 

Alexander Wang

#1 Ivy League Student 

The collegiate look includes unstructured vests, pleated pants, and statement blazers with edgy details like monochromatic trim and college inspired patches. This is the “I’m good looking and smart” trend, which is why it’s our favorite. 


Want to see more menswear trends for Spring 2015 straight from St.Louis? Get you tickets to the Menswear Designer Showcase: Gent! on February 26th featuring designers Paul Gibson, Shan Keith, Chiristian Michael, and former blues hockey player Jamal Mayers!

Get details and ticket info by clicking the link below:

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INTIMACY is a high-tech fshion project exploring the relation between intimacy and technology. Its high-tech garments entitled ‘Intimacy White’ and 'Intimacy Black’ are made out of opaque smart e-foils that become increasingly transparent based on close personal encounters with people.

You can watch the video and see more pictures at this website:

I hate to say this but with all of the heat I am looking forward to the cooler weather. It seems as if we can never be satisfied; when its hot we want it to be cold when its cold we want it to be hot.

Nevertheless, I can’t wait for the leaves to change colors, fall off of the trees, and to hear the crunch of them beneath my feet as I walk to class.  And I particularly get excited for fall fashions…boots, tights, sweaters and jackets.


Thinking ahead to a cooler time, here’s a hot trend for the fall…punk.

The punk look consists of studs, spikes, chains, vinyl, plaid and leather. We are happy this trend continues to reinvent itself and come back on the scenes. Here are some runway looks.

- Kristen


Meet one of our project:design! 2013 finalists, abaya DAKE. 

Abaya originally hails from Ghana, Africa, but currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri. Fashion is an art and deserves to be treated as one. Whether it is a ready to wear piece or a couture ensemble, a story should be told…

Fashion in The Delmar Loop

“The Crow Queen”
Designer: Barbara Barker
Representing Plowsharing Crafts

“Panzanella (Latin for bread) Panera”
Designer: Maria D'Agrosa- Sweeney & Chaungj-Y-Cheng (aka) Nicole 
Representing St. Louis Bread Company

The weather’s nice and the streets are aligned with concertgoers in front of The Pageant, shopaholics looking for unique fashion and of course, there are plenty of hungry customers relaxing on the patios. If you are from St. Louis, you are familiar with this scenery in The Delmar Loop, named one of the 10 greatest streets in America. 

Recently, while walking through The Loop I saw a display of mannequins aligned along the six-block strip. The 5th Annual Mannequins on The Loop, started by local fashion designer Audrey Jones, has begun and the mannequins will be on display until the end of June. Artists and designers team up with merchants on The Loop to style a mannequin in recyclable materials. Last year’s winner was artist Jeff Briggs for his mannequin “Groovy” representing Blueberry Hill. Go check out this year’s work in the loop! Who do you think should win?

- Kristen 

Our very own Skylar Finan was given the chance recently to be a part of ALIVE Magazine St. Louis’ wardrobe styling team for the upcoming Buzz List Issue due out in February of 2013. The Buzz List issue is ALIVE’s biggest issue of the year and features nearly 30 of St. Louis’ most innovative movers and shakers. Not only will the issue release in February, but there will also be a party held in honor of those featured. Stay tuned for details on her experience! #stlfashion