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Hey, sorry to bother you with questions, but can you recommend any changes to my rig? I play post-rock, hardcore, and shoegaze, mostly. My rig so far is Squier Bass VI>Joyo octave fuzz>boss BD-2>Rocktron Hush>Morley Mini Volume>MIJ Boss BF-2>TC electronic HOF>empress tremolo>flashback x4>Hotone Wally looper. I have a DOD Ice Box on the way. I'm thinking about getting a Devi Ever Soda Meiser. Do you have any recommendations regarding the order of my board? Should I get anything else?

I might put reverb after the flashback so the delays are getting reverberated. But I might also put it after the looper to sort of blend the loop cycle a little. Make it less noticeable when the loop starts over again. Other than that I think everything is where I might play with it. I like tremolo before other modulation and time based effects, but that pedal can realistically go wherever you want it for the most part. 

The Ice Box is a solid chorus. Kinda miss having mine around because I don’t use chorus much and that thing worked well. 

As far as anything else, it’s all about sounds you want to achieve. So find stuff that does that. You have a lot of bases covered though. The Soda Meiser is a pretty gnarly fuzz that would sound pretty nasty with the Bass VI so that would be a cool addition. 

There are no real rules to gear, just do what makes the sounds you want. 
Cool rig though. 

On an end note, I wouldn’t have made this blog if I didn’t want to be bothered. haha. Though I might make this skype account so I can have more helpful dialogue with people that want help.

Guitar and pedal checklist

Custom semi acoustic guitar models.

All solid body and easy to play.
Price 500 to 600 plus minus.
For most other brands solid body guitar the price goes much higher.
E.g for this price range tanglewood only has solid top guitars.


Guitar pedals

Rocktron banshee 2 / MXR talkbox

Octave fuzzes:
Vox Trike octafuzz/Earthquaker bit commander Fuzz pedal

Compressor: SP Compressor


Better cables