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Joker is dead, Harleyby GabrielMalkavian

Harley Quinn and Scarecrow (I guess after Arkham City game) 

I did it because yes xD crack-pairing is a good thing sometime and I wanted to try for first time the digital method . But I don’t sure if I like the result, after all   if you ask me. I just wanted to try some digital art and well, at least, I like the colours I think the pencils are always better for me. 

I miss my Faber-Castell by the way xD

The Riddler's Patient Interview
  • Doctor Young:So Edward, Warden Sharp tells me you've been leaving threatening riddles scrawled on the asylum walls, again.
  • The Riddler:One would have to be severely paranoid to read threats into harmless riddles Doctor Young. May I test you with one?
  • Doctor Young:Very well.
  • The Riddler:What is it that walks on four legs, then two legs and finally three legs?
  • Doctor Young:A human being. As a baby it crawls on four legs, as an adult it walks on two, and in later years it uses a cane.
  • The Riddler:Good try. But the answer to all three is a baby. True it crawls on all fours, but cut off its legs and it can only wriggle on two limbs. Give it a crutch, it can hobble around on three, you see.
  • Doctor Young:That's horrible! How can you even joke about that?!
  • The Riddler:Easily Doctor… It's not my baby.

Bebop and Rocksteady!


Batman is going to have one tough night…

Rocksteady has just released a new trailer for Arkham Knight and my inner geek is screaming with joy. Rocksteady is promising the biggest and most visually impressive Batman title yet. My ridiculously expensive edition is already pre-ordered. Bring me the Batman Rocksteady!