So that reminded me, and i figured this might be a good time to talk about it.

So in X-men 10, page 09, pixie is in space with Rockslide. 

But! that wasn’t the original plan.

originally it was colossus. we ended up not being able to use him, so we had an opportunity to use one of the kids. 

As you can see, i tried to get armor in there. although, it was finally decided it should be santo.

one day, hisako. one day.


Ok, so I caved and am putting the previews up here.

Amazing X-men #8 Preview on CBR


  • Piotr crushing Kurt’s spine
  • Discussion of the UTTER INEFFICIENCY of killing X-men off
  • “And Jean. And Jean again-”
  • “So! I hear you were a wanted murderer and fugitive! How exciting! Are you still painting, too?” The sarcasm is strong with Mr. Wagner these days
  • Ororo callig Piotr “little brother” again
  • JEAN-PAUL FLYING WITH PIXIE. I can hardly believe my eyes.
  • Ororo half-panicking over the missing Logan and taking it out on regressed-to-teenage-ditziness Bobby Drake
  • “Has he ever gone to Canada without nearly being killed!” dangerous place, canada

seriously tho Kurt and Pete being bros and Ororo flipping her shit at Bobby because she’s worried about Logan, I am totally psyched up for the new arc