I was tagged by a wee hoe called acapelladitty

Name: Darren
Nickname:  No nickname.  However, my second name is “Rocks,” (awesome, I know) so my brothers have the nickname “Rocks” or “Rocksy” and sometimes I get referred to it too by their friends if I see them in the street.
Birthday:  December 10th
Gender:  Male
Sexuality:  Money
Height:  5ft 5in / 165cm (I’m hella short)
Timezone:  GMT
Time and date where you are:  23:18, 28th August 2014
Average hours of sleep a night:  Ummm during this Summer holiday I’ve been doing around 10-12 hours but normally during term time I’m 4-5 hours during the week.
Last thing you googled:  cunt punt (I was looking for a gif…wasn’t expecting the porn).
Most used phrase(s):  It’s been emotional (I’ve been saying this for as long as I can remember in place of bye).
Last thing you said to a family member:  WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME YOU WERE MAKING MACARONI AND CHEESE!?
Place that makes me happy and why:  There isn’t actually anywhere that springs to mind.  Places don’t necessarily make me happy, I’m more about the company I’m with.  Which I guess is kind of ironic considering I’m forever making jokes about how I hate people and love spending time alone, but really I’m at my happiest when I’m with people.  Hm…interesting.
How many blankets do you sleep with:  Only a duvet. Or is this another one of those weird americanisms where blanket really refers to anything on your bed?
Favorite beverage(s):  Non-alcoholic? Tea; Water; Milk; Chocolate Milkshakes; Hot Chocolate; Hazelnut Latte; Pineapple Juice; Pineapple + Lemonade.
Last movie you saw in theaters:  Guardians of the Galaxy (it slayed but y’all know that already)
What can you not live without:  My laptop and my iPod
What do you plan on learning:  I’m probably going to be teaching myself French, because I only learned the basics while I studied in Paris and I don’t intend to live and work in Scotland once I graduate.  After I get better at French I’m going to take Korean lessons because I’m aiming to teach English in Korea once I’ve finished my degree.  Afterwards I’ll probably go to France.  Hence the lessons.
Piece of advice to your followers:  Love yourself.  If you’re walking down the street and you start feeling anxious because you think people are looking at and judging you?  Forget that noise.  It’s more than likely that no-one’s even paying attention to you.  So just werk.  Do your thing.

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i just remembered an old story idea i came up with

a post-apocalyptic story about several virtual pets that have somehow become sentient… they meet a man who preserved his mind inside of computer

not sure where else the story could go from there though. i actually have a couple character designs from this idea… wonder if i should start drawing forte, rocksy and gosling again, they were cute