so my skype conversation with megan has slowly but surely degenerated into a capslock conversation where we’re screaming at each other about our sexual frustrations about certain well built men and how our ladybits can’t take much more

whenever I see that megan is posting I get really excited but then at the bottom it’ll say “you and I remember queuedapest very differently” and it’s suuch a let-down

My 18th birthday!

First of all: thank you guys, for all your nice birthday wishes! It’s much appreciated! Also, thanks for you wall of shame quotes, Iza! A real realization that I have to grow up for real, but not today (“Eh, a Finnish flag -starts running around with it in Antwerp-”)

In the morning, I got an additional 50 euro from my mum, nice surprise! I also came home to find 2 Martini bottles in a gift set, flowers and a Win For Life Lottery tickets (hoping that I’ll win the 2000 euro/month thingie, haha). This morning I also opened my Lush gift set, which I got last week.

I spent my day with Astrid (rocketqueennn on tumblr) in Antwerp. I brought a mini bottle of Martini brut, so we had a drink as soon as we left the railway station. In the Lush store, the shop assistants recognized me from when I bought my gift set for myself last week. “She’s 18 today!” and they all started singing ‘Happy Birthday’. Astrid and I also went to my dorm, so I showed where it is. We had an ice tea and smoothie! There was also some world market at the Groenplaats. I got a Polish beer (ah, I miss Poland!) and a Finnish flag (take that, Iza C:<). I’ll show some of my purchases later.

It was a really good day and it was much fun to hang out with Astrid. One of the coolest people I met up with! Looking forward to the next time we’ll go somewhere, I assume that we’ll be joined by Jantien (Jantiennn on tumblr). A real gang C:<

its weird just how comfortable i am with splashing my face and body all over my blog now

i mean when i first joined tumblr i was so paranoid about someone finding me if i even posted one small detail about myself

and now i’m posting lingerie photosets like its going out of fashion and talking about where i live and my sexual kinks and shit like that