Ten Thousand GingerFists part one

Deep in the heart of America there is a town.  A little backwater place where everyone knows everyone. The state isn’t important neither is the town. But in that state, in that blessed little town lays the most precious thing that ever walked in to my life and latched on to my heart.

Of course it’s a girl. It always is with stories like this. Boy meets Girl, and the world skews into some kind of Disney film. And as in all such stories I will argue that she is the best damn thing to have ever come into existence and that we are different from such sickeningly sweet destined to be couples.

My name is Lloyd, Lloyd Pyes. Most commonly referred to by my beloved fellow citizens of said back water tower town as “WHO ATE ALL THE PYES!”  Now while this may seem to be insulting, I value the intended wit of the speaker.  Because it clearly is the most intellectual nickname ever to grace the lips of anyone in this fair place. You see the meaning being that I am viewed as someone who eats a lot of pies and is obese where as in reality I would probably keel over if I had to even carry a pie. Also my name is not pronounced Pies but we’ll let them have this one shall we?

Noelle is an artist. She’s always been a scribbler. From her bedroom walls, to napkins to her graphic tablet, she always has this never ending urge to create. To quantify her thoughts into a tangible object to show the universe. I saved every scrap, every scrawl she’s ever given me, flailing her arms excitedly as she explains the composition to me.  I never 100% understand what she’s trying to ay but that just makes her more intoxicating.

Not Fanfic but Fillerfic for now...

Lloyd chuckled as he flicked through his dash on Tumblr. Oh that “FuckYeah Rocketfists.” What an exceedingly awesome blog it is.

He clicked onto his list of followers checking to see who had updated recently. That was odd, he thought staring at the list. Noelle hadn’t updated today or yesterday. 

She wasn’t on Skype either. This was worrying. Where could she be? Checking her blog was one of his favourite things but talking to her online made his little heart skip a beat.

Her art was epic and she was pretty much the sweetest person he knew. “Oh Noelleeeee!” he crooned as he swung on his chair. “Wherefore art thou Noelle?”

Lloyd stopped himself before he started on a tangent about “wherefore” meaning why and not where. Stupid Shakespeare making us think…

At that very moment, a tumblr notification popped up. Gingerhaze had posted!

She had drawn a picture of herself and a guy hugging. Lloyd’s face darkened. His fair lady had taken another? 

But the post was tagged as Rocketfists. Lloyd was confused, it didn’t really look like him. He never wore somberos.

He read the text under the picture. Me and Lloyd:Epic Bromance hits Mexico.

Lloyd was happy and maybe it was time he bought a new hat.