Day 4: Basics and Cosmetics Cont:

Choose a different time period and describe what your character would have been like in that time period.

I decided to pick modern times since she’s really based on Renassaince/Medival times in a way. Since she’d be raised differently and growing up in a less violent time, she’d have no use for a sword or ax, but would have taken up playing electric guitar. She’d live in Norway where she’d be in a underground rockbound. She’d dress like a punk rocker and her signature long hair would probably have a few dreads or streaks of bright pink in it. Her arms and legs would be covered in tattoos. She and her bandmates frequent bars when they’re not playing and usually end up starting bar fights. She’d also prefer to ride a motorcycle to get around town. 

(Ah this was actually kind of hard? I was torn between this and old western time period, but I think the heavy metal band suits her lol))

Kwiddex Protocol #9: "Blood On The Highway", page 5

Kwiddex Protocol #9: “Blood On The Highway”, page 5

current issue: #9: “Blood On The Highway”

Rockbound, Electress, Impala, Adrenal Man, and The Duplicator come face to face with their pursuers, with deadly results.  Meanwhile, in Satellite Falls, Jerry and the White Rose turn to an unlikely ally in their search for the beast that’s been terrorizing the city.

Written by Jason DeGroot, art by Pedro Laboy, letters/tones by Marc Haines

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