Well. It doesn’t get much more adorable than rockabyebucktown’s family now does it? Little B was a dream to photograph and his parents were just as warm and inviting and awesome as they look in these pictures.

We had planned a trip to the park in addition to a few “trimming the tree” shots but the random, mid-autumn lightning storm put a hitch in that plan. Obviously it all worked out.

'Tis the season to be thankful. Today I'm thankful for Tumblr. For the opportunity to have met such wonderful people and for them to have become a part of my life here in Chicago. 

I’m also thankful for the cupcakes rockabye so graciously shared with us. Just sayin’. 

11 Questions

I was tagged by nomadsoul to answer the following 11 questions:

  1. What did you have for breakfast? I’m not really much of a breakfast person, but I must start the day out with a strong coffee.
  2. What was the last item you purchased? Ugh, does my ridiculous tax bill count? If not, diapers. Glamour galore! 
  3. Dream trip you hope to one day take? Santorini/Oia
  4. Most meaningful gift you’ve ever been given? Heirlooms from both maternal grandmas- a necklace & earrings they both wore.
  5. When was the last time you told someone you loved them? Minutes ago, my kiddos
  6. Guiltiest guilty pleasure tv show you watch? Um, everything on Bravo!
  7. What is your bedtime routine? Brush my teeth, wash my face (if i’m not exhausted), Kiehl’s face + eye creams, multi-vitamin and attempt to read until my phone falls in my face.
  8. Do your family and friends know you have a Tumblr? Some
  9. What is one piece of advice you’d give your 20 year old self? Soak up every experience you can, explore your city, say yes more than no, travel near and far, listen and learn.
  10. The yummiest dish you know how to make (and bonus points if you link to the recipe). Well lately spaghetti and meatballs c/o The Meatball Shop have been well received around these parts.
  11. What is one beauty product you can’t be without? Givenchy Mister Light- it’s all about hiding the bags folks.

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1. What is one thing we would be surprised to learn about you?
2. Last great book you read?
3. What is your go to hostess gift?
4. What is your guilty pleasure?
5. Where is the best place you’ve ever been?
6. What are you currently coveting?
7. What song makes you rock out every time you hear it?
8. What is your greatest fear?
9. What is the funniest name you’ve ever had written on your Starbucks cup?
10. Signature scent?
11. Pet Peeves?


Princess M had the great idea (she really is the sweetest little girl) to make some cookies to bring over to our new (a few blocks away) neighbors, Megan and her family. Today was the perfect cookie baking weather. Hope they get to enjoy them before the baby arrives!

Weekend Recap

We had a super busy weekend (one that I am still exhausted from) but a fun one! 

Nana came to visit for the weekend and shared photos from her recent trip to Italy! Saturday we took C to ballet, stopped by West Elm to pick up a new dining table, ran a few errands, then stopped by Little Beans Cafe to play for a bit (N loved it there). C then went to a fun birthday at Kids Table for one of her favorites, little B! She loved celebrating and has so much fun cooking her own pizza and making lemonade!


Yesterday was for brunch at Beatrix (love it there), playing in the park and catching up with some good friends & their kiddos for football and some drinks. 


Now I need to catch up on sleep, Breaking Bad and a host of other tv…did everything start yesterday!?!?