The lyrics he has written, the lyrics he tweets, the photographs he takes, the ink on his skin…how much longer are people going to deny the fact that there is a message that Harry Styles is clearly trying to get across?

Jack White - “Lazaretto” (Music Video)

What Not Giving A F#¢k Looks Like.

Directed by Jonas & Francois.

Jack’s sophomore solo effort “Lazaretto” is out now. Get the mp3 on iTunes (HERE).

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the reason Harry wasn’t in that interview was because he was “sick”

aka  Harry was just fine prior to that interview, but had thrown shade at their merchandise promo and had talked about growing his hair longer, getting his ears pierced, and commented on how a female interviewer’s top would look great on him


"sick" is code for 1DHQ having an "OH SHIT" moment

So a few days ago, Harry tweets lyrics from Mary Lambert’s song Secrets, which is about being tired of keeping secrets and having to hide…among those secrets is one about being gay


And today Harry tweets an idiom that has two meanings, that people discover the truth when things come out, and also that everything is going to be okay


These tweets are only a few days apart.  Harry is one bold and brave individual, and I honestly just have the highest respect for him.

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The stigma that was once associated with being a rock star has changed. Nowadays, a rock star is some turd with bottle service at some shitty nightclub you have to pay to get in. Society has discontinued its romanticizing of drug abuse and struggles with addiction and has begun idolizing mediocrity and self-promotion. Today’s rock stars are pregnant 16-year-olds snapping selfies with their tits out screaming “YOLO” while taking a shot of Fireball. In the land of hashtags and three-second attention spans, who’s got time for the creative outlet of relatable emotion anymore?
—  John O’Callaghan in response to the Alternative Press poll “Is the Rock Star lifestyle dead?” from issue 308, March 2014