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heylizgillies vampiregillies lizgillies eegillies lizgillies y’all so cute & I love y’all even though y’all barely know me. I love my gillians & lizbains on my blog. And the rp account lizegills I follow. You’re fab.

arielcalypso adoringrihanna dhenrienz davidhenriebrasil queen-of-anarchy rxpulsive mrdavidhenrie I love your blogs. Especially the David ones ;)

And of course the blogs I own: lizgilliescloset, robyngomeznews, whatzendayawore, whatadriennewore jadelynrph

My bae losingsyourturn you’re fab. I love ya so much demisheartattackk


Dear fellow followers of robyngomeznews. I, wsycsb, the owner and founder of the news site, have decided that I won’t be posting news of Selena due to personal reasons? But don’t fret! I may be the only one uploading, but I promise you that I won’t remove her because this IS robyngomeznews. So any selenators out there that want to join as a member, click this link, and apply with sources and everything else in the application. Please don’t ask any questions regarding my personal decision. Please apply. I’d love to have you.