Celldweller - Lost In Time (Official Music Video)

A problem I’m not solving
Eternally revolving
I wandered from the pathway
Praying you will come to save me

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Robotic sonar system inspired by bats: Rolf Mueller, an associate professor of mechanical engineering in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, has developed a prototype of a dynamic sonar system inspired by horseshoe bats. Read more. 

This wind turbine generates power without blades:  Thanks to a Spanish energy startup known as Vortex Bladeless, there’s a new type of turbine in town with a rather different look—and the potential to be cheaper and more reliable. Vortex’s generator resembles a giant straw in the ground and harnesses wind energy without the need for rotating windmill blades. It’s designed to vibrate in the wind as much as possible, like a guitar string; those vibrations are then converted into stored energy. Read more.

Forest Service Sees Hope in Battle Against Bat Disease: Officials with the U.S. Forest Service are cautiously optimistic that a new treatment may help bats survive a disease known as white-nose syndrome that has killed millions of bats.About 60 brown bats found with the disease last fall but successfully treated were released back into the wild Tuesday at the Mark Twain Cave complex near the northeast Missouri town of Hannibal.“While more research is needed before we know if our current discovery is an effective and environmentally safe treatment for white-nose syndrome, we are very encouraged,” Michael T. Rains, director of the Forest Service’s Northern Research Station and the Forest Products Laboratory, said in a statement. Read more.

Lethal Bat Fungus Spreads to Oklahoma:  State wildlife officials announced today that the fungus that has killed millions of bats across the eastern United States has been discovered on Oklahoma bats. Three tri-colored bats in a cave in Delaware County tested positive for the fungus. Although the disease caused by the fungus, known as white-nose syndrome, has not yet been observed among Oklahoma bats, this early detection is likely a precursor to the appearance of the full-blown disease in two to three years. Read more.

Conference full of interesting minds takes over Monterey Conference Center: While the conference does not focus on one specific topic, everything that was covered bordered on fantastica. Rob Mies brought one of the world’s largest bats on stage with him for his presentation. "One bat by itself eats 5,000 insects a night,“ said Mies as he explained the importance of bats in the ecosystem. He is the executive director of the Organization for Bat Conservation and is a bat myth buster. Read more.

Climate change is a ‘serious threat’ to U.S. national security, president says: President Obama warned Wednesday that climate change is a growing and “serious threat” to national security, tying severe weather to the rise of the extremist group Boko Haram in Nigeria and the civil war in Syria.In his latest bid to turn up political pressure on Republicans over the environment, Obama challenged 218 newly commissioned officers at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy to take the threats of climate as seriously as they would a cutter in peril. Read more.

What do you do when you realize you haven’t drawn a proper ref sheet type thing for one of your precious robot children?

Do you:
A) Panic and run for the hills
B) Sit your arse down and go ‘Imma fix this’
C) Procrastinate mightily until you forget
or D) All of the above

This time, I actually picked B. It’s sketchy, and hand stuff is inaccurate, but look! My wonderful robot brain child now comes to you in four flavours!

Birthday suit, casual work attire, casual attire, and favourite weekend party outfit.