Me: Duuuuuucky?

Ducky: Shhh!

Me: Ducky? Don’t you want to say hello to me?

Ducky: Daddy’s not here. You do this trick when Daddy’s not here, Lady. Nice try. 

Me: Not a trick, Ducky. It’s me.

Ducky: Shhhh, Lady. You’re trying to distract me from my robot surveillance

Me: Duuuuuuucky dog!

Ducky: Doesn’t even sound like him.

Me: I’m on the computer.

Ducky: And I’m on robot surveillance patrol. Shhhh.

Me: I love you, Ducky. I’ll be home soon.

Ducky: Love you, Lady. Thanks for trying.

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allow me to stan a bit for ex machina

Ex Machina delivers an excellent take on AI, a topic that’s been fodder for the year’s top science fiction movies. Beginning with Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson), a basic programmer, winning a trip to the artic enclave/research facilitiy of his company’s CEO (Oscar Isaac, bearing a striking resemblance to Marvel’s Tony Stark), a thrilling story unfolds. Upon reaching his remote destination, he discovers that he is the human component of the Turing Test on the world’s first AI: he’s there to determine if she is consciousness manifest. As the story progresses, his relationship with Ava (Alicia Vikander) becomes more nuanced and touches upon themes like attraction and compassion. However, there is more to play than just testing AI. While some of the developments are predictable, overall, the movie is thrilling at every turn. Suspense is high the whole time and the climax is satisfying. The world building is excellent, despite the story being self contained. The viewer truly believes the power harnassed by exploiting our everyday technological conveniences. Humor is present throughout the film, which helps mellow the tone. It is accompanied by beautiful cinematography and visual effects, as well as great performances by the cast. At the end of the movie, we’re left to ponder such themes as the nature of morality, intelligence, relationships, and compassion. Overall, the film is not only a superb science fiction thriller, it is more thought provoking than the year’s other cinematic portrayals of artificial intelligence.    PS Once you see the film, you can place Ava on a spectrum of Chappie to Ultron.


Here is a short film I made for an assignment for our last digital tools class!


R2-D2 is a droid with a lot going on inside. Don’t let his metal exterior fool you. He thinks his thoughts and he’s got all sorts of hopes and dreams and hobbies. Sideshow Collectibles just hosted R2-ME2, an awesome exhibition at the 2015 Star Wars Celebration for which a large group of artists each re-imagined the iconic little droid by customizing blank prototypes of Sideshow’s Star Wars R2-D2 Deluxe 1/6 Scale Figure.

We like to think that each version, from Pee-wee Herman to Finn the Human to a bright pink Easy Bake Oven, a new home for Oscar the Grouch, disco-dancing R2 and even R2-turned-tree house, represents a way that R2-D2 might’ve imagined himself at least once. After all, there’s plenty of time to think in the deserts of Tatooine and the swamps of Dagobah.

These fantastic versions of R2-D2 are just some of our favorite pieces from R2-ME2. Click here to view them all.

[via Neatorama]


A robot whose sole purpose is to connect emotionally with cancer patients. It’s working, too. 

Did you know that kids in cancer wards typically UNDERREPORT their trauma? Well here’s the solution. 

It’s America’s most adorable robot overlord, HUGGABLE. It’s made by scientists at MIT … and it will hit you in the feels … ON PURPOSE