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SPG Artist 30 Challenge : Day 5
Draw Your favorite Headcanon Explained

So my headcanon is…

Rabbit doesn’t play any stringed instruments is because his fingers are to sharp and always breaks the strings. 

I  imagine this has caused some problems between him and The Spine cause Rabbit is always busting his strings. 

I had a lot of fun coloring this even though i seriously procrastinated on it @.@


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‘Lonely Sculpture’, A Creepy Robotic Finger That Endlessly Likes People on the Tinder Dating App

Episode 25: RoboBitches


We’re finally back, sorry for the delay kids!

On this week’s episode of Man vs Chair…

• Researchers celebrate as hitch-hiking robot makes its way across Canada, their first attempt was State-side but that bot was gang-raped at a weigh station in Massachusetts

• JIBO is the world’s first family robot. It does your dishes, your kid’s homework, your laundry and your husband

• What would I do with two extra fingers? Fake spider on the shoulder, every time…

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tadashley asked:

oooh! childhood best friends AU with Tadashi please? :)

Y U SO DIFFICULT YOUNG TADASHI. It hits different years of you and Tadashi growing up. 5, 8, 10,14,16 and 18 years of age. So yea. I’ve been contemplating making a story about his childhood but idk? Let’s see how this one works out.

5 Years old.
“Soooo,” the young boy said, sitting on the floor of his bedroom. Fiddling with his sock covered feet, he looked at the young girl who had just moved in next door. You. Your blue socks slid on the floor of his bedroom before you sat down on the floor in front of him. He had no idea how to even ask you to play. He wasn’t good with words, and he surely never played with a girl before. “Do you like robots?” Tadashi’s fingers were now wrapped around a small toy. You looked into his almond eyes and sat quietly, your hands diligently in your lap.

You only nodded a response.

“Yeah, me too.” He smiled cheekily. Looking at the robot sitting in his hands, Tadashi murmured quietly. “M’lil brother can’t really play with me yet so…”

“I will.” you said quietly, taking the small toy from his hands.

8 Years old.
Standing on the vivid grass below, you glanced over at Tadashi who was standing next to his younger brother Hiro, holding his hand gently. Their Aunt was behind them, encasing them with her arms. You looked down at the two caskets in front of them. His parents had passed away. At your age, you weren’t sure what happened but you could only imagine what it must feel like. Tadashi looked up at you, and for the second that he did, you could see the tears falling from his eyes. How you wanted to go hug him and hold him, but your mother kept you were you were. I’m here for you, You said to yourself, Tadashi…

10 Years old.
Kicking open the door to his bedroom, you were quick to jump on his bed and screech at him. “WAKE UP!!!” You jumped up and down. “TA-DA-SHI WAKE UPPPP!!!” Groaning quietly, yo finally slid off of him and said, “It’s the first day of Robotics camp!! Wake up or we’ll be LATEEEEEEEE!!!” Sitting up in his bed, he rubbed his eyes, yawned and looked at your groggily. He was glad that you’d opened up to him in the past three years. He just wished you knew the concept of ‘sleeping in’.

14 Years old.
“He’s so dreamy,” You said, flipping through a magazine on your way to school. Tadashi only looked at you and rolled his eyes slightly. “I mean… He’s so tall! And sooooo cute.”

“How much of it is photoshopped?” Tadashi asked, waiting to cross the street. You looked over at him, and raised an eyebrow.

“Does it matter?” You said. “He looks good therefore I like it. How many of the celebrities you like are photoshopped to the extreme?”


“Yeah, ri-.”

“My eyes only belong to one girl.”

“WHO!?” You sounded so shocked as you continued your way to school. He kept quiet though, and refused to tell you anything more. Which was totally Tadashi, you thought to yourself. You’d find out who it was. It didn’t matter if it took you ten more years, you were now determined to find out who Tadashi fancied.

16 Years old.
Cold fingers clutched your phone tightly to your ear as you called the one person you knew would answer at this time of night. Tadashi. Sitting on a park bench by yourself, you looked up at the sky, listening to the line ring and ring. Click. “(Name)…” His voice sounded groggy, and you knew right away that you had woken him up. All he heard though, on your side of the line was your crying. The painful sound hit his ears and within seconds, he was sitting up and pulling some clothes on. “Where are you…?” He himself knew that this was going to happen and it didn’t take a smart alec to figure it out. Your boyfriend of a year just broke your heart. He was a jerk, Tadashi knew, but he made you so happy so he didn’t interfere with any of it. Until now.

“I-I’m at the p-park we used to play at when we were k-kids…”

“Stay there.” It took him at the very least, 6 minutes to jump on his scooter and drive to where you were. He could see you, sitting on the bench in the bitter cold, the only warmth coming from the San Fransokyo Ninja’s hoodie he let you borrow a couple of months ago. You never returned it, but now he was thankful for it because it was keeping you semi-decently warm. Looking up at him when you heard his footsteps approach, he sighed and felt a pang hit his chest. You looked awful. The tears were still pouring from your eyes as he sat down next to you and wrapped an arm around you. “Are you okay…?” He asked.

“Just hold me…” You replied. He did as he was told.

18 Years Old.
The kisses that he was giving you felt like his mouth was on fire. He was so much warmer than you and you were gladly accepting every touch of the lips. The body friction between the two of you was enough to drive you crazy again, but you controlled yourself for you had just gotten done. You doubted his tired body wanted to go again, so much rather, you grasped his hair and brushed your fingers through it.

He looked down at the girl who he had loved for years, and smiled gently. Chuckled deep in his chest, he pulled you closer. “Never thought it’d end like this,” He said, “I mean with us together…” You nodded in agreement and brushed back his thick hair so you could see his beautiful eyes. “It’s nice though~ I love it… I love you.” Swallowing thickly, Tadashi laid his torso on top of yours and nuzzled his face into your neck. Kissing the tender skin there, you could hear him whisper gently. “My eyes only belong to one girl… You.”

18 years old.
Placing your hand on the top of the headstone, you looked at the name engraved on it and gave him a small smile. “Hi… Tadashi…” Of course, you got no reply, so you pulled back and sat in front of the stone, on your knees. Digging around in your jacket pocket, you pulled out a small, very familiar toy. “Do you remember this? The toy you asked me to play with when we first met….” You giggled to yourself, “I never threw it away, he… He reminds me of you…” Nodding slightly, you sat it down on the concrete and said through the cold air. “I just… Wanted to give him back… I know how much you liked him, and I’m sorry I stole him…”

You sat there quietly for a few moments, thinking. Now be fair… And give me back my heart that you stole…