punghosthere said:

i remember a while back you and robokatar had a pokemon au with john and rose. with the new generation coming out, who do you think john and rose would have on their team now?

Actually, it’s not so much a private AU as we are participating in a roleplaying game on Dreamwidth! Howeverrrrr I can still answer that question. Rose would still have her Espeon Guillemet, a Gardevoir, Jellicent, Milotic, likely a Malamar and Meowstic. Of course, seeing as we don’t have information on all of the new Pokemon, this may very well change after X and Y are released! She also has a large collection in her PC to use, which is a lot to list but some of the highlights are the complete collection of Eevolutions, Dragonite, Furfrou, Skrelp, Zoroark, Volcarona, Octillery and Tentacruel (of course) and possibly Fennekin’s evolution!

Wow completely forgot the John portion.

John would just have ghosts. That’s it. Ghosts.

No but in all seriousness, he WOULD have all the ghosts, all of them. But for a more detailed description, you should ask Katar! She’s the one who plays John and knows best out of the two of us! c: