Machinima, the Warner Bros.-backed digital media company, announced several new series at its Digital Content NewFronts presentation yesterday.

One is a modern RoboCop series. I’m delighted that it follows the original film and not the remake.

Based on the original MGM 1987 action film, RoboCop returns to Delta City, where viewers ride along with the now standard-issue RoboCop officers as they respond to calls from dispatch. Tapping into current themes of the surveillance state, the series is shot from the first-person point of view of the RoboCop officers’ heads-up display, along with security cameras, dash-cams and drones.

Another is Clive Barker’s Creepy Pasta, in which the master of horror takes on the infamous internet horror fiction known as Creepy Pasta.

In this live-action series, Barker enters the world of Internet horror fan fiction, affectionately known as “creepy pasta,” covering such viral urban legends as Slender Man and Ben Drowned.

The final one relevant to genre fans is High School 51, a sci-fi series created by Roberto Orci and starring Orlando Jones.

Created and produced by Roberto Orci (Transformers, Star Trek, Sleepy Hollow, Lost) and Legion of Creatives, and starring Orlando Jones (Sleepy Hollow), series centers on Dream Lake High School, which is filled with mind-blowing technology, top-secret government programs and a student body that is “cool, quirky, attractive and… well, alien.”

All three of these have the potential to be really cool. Granted, there’s a possibility they all turn out awful as well, but Machinima has created a lot of great content in the past.


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