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You could try rebleaching? Unfortunately orange+blue=green @.@ But it looks like it didn’t dye very well anyway. I usually go with Manic Panic. On a side note, the orange hair really brings out your pretty eyes ^^

It came out golden-yellow, the lighting in the photo isn’t right. X’D I have a stockpile of other dye to use though, but I’ll see if they sell it at the beauty supply store. Thank you. ;3; I should have just left it that way. =3=“

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0_0 I want a wolf’s face on my knee. I don’t care how much it will hurt. Bravo.

Wouldn’t it be bitchin’? XD Thank you~ (I’m so glad that came across as a wolf! :’D)

robintron replied to your photo: I love my pen nibs~
I imagined you drew with a quill, I guess I was correct. [damn bitch i’m weak in the knees!]

You were half-right! :D I wish I had some actual quill pens though. (Should I take sexier shots of those nibs? X’D)