robinhood10199 said:

I saw the Supernatual Cain post you made. Cain isn't human, he's still a demon. So yeah. Hasn't been cured. Still a Knight of Hell. Oh but they might revisit him anyway though. Remember Cain asked Dean to kill him when he calls for him? That should be interesting. :3

I don’t remember him still being a demon.  I guess I need to rewatch that episode xD

My First Post (Kind Of)

Hey everyone. I’ve been on Tumblr for a while now and I decided to (finally) introduce myself. I’m RobinHood10199, or just Robin for short. If you read my bio then you’ll see that I’m into basically any anime or manga, love a bunch of TV shows, and more crap that I can spend all day listing. I want to say thanks for everyone who follows my weird blog. It means a lot that some people actually find my blog interesting. I decided instead of just reblogging stuff I’m going to post some more. I posted stuff before but not anything like me talking to you guys. It was like pictures and stuff. So yeah. And maybe ask me some questions? I’ll literally answer anything. And if you want to find me on any other social media, my username is RobinHood10199 too. That’s it really. Later 👋