outlaw queen meme: [1/7] scenes
“So, are you gonna tell me what’s in that letter you’ve been staring at?”  

“What letter?”  

“This one.”


Now and forever, my love.

Robin Hood BBC season 3

I finished Robin Hood last night and I can honestly say it is one of the best complete series I’ve ever watched! I instantly teared up when Robin hugged Much goodbye and then was fully crying when Marian came when he died. My favorite season was the 2nd, because though it was started to be more intense it still had those little episodes with problems that didn’t go with the main conflict. You could really see the development through the 1st to last season, because though Robin was still fighting for the poor in the end it was on a big scale, where he fought for the freedom of all of England to stop Prince John. Gisborne’s character development was so amazing! I was so surprised when he died, but it was such a great scene. I teared up a bit. Allan’s death was horrible. It was so sad, because he died thinking that the gang still thought he betrayed them- those sort of things always kill me (when final words aren’t said)- but I guessed it was going to be the Black Knight and the return of the Sheriff in the end.    But all in all- It was so amazing. Much will always be my favorite character and Jonas Armstrong is now one of my many husbands.  I’m going to go back and watch some of my favorite episode again.

Robin Hood Season 2 &3

Hey guys :)
I finished season 2 a wile ago and I only have the last episode of season 3 left to watch. I am really not so content with the last season. The dynamic changed in a way that I reluctantly watched it. Why did they do this ? Because money lacked for production? Or what? I thought they developed the story very good till the first episodes of season 3 and then something happened and it seemed they couldn’t wait this show coming to an end. Really sad.
waterfall29 I don’t know if you got my message but when not tumblr caused it …again.

 I’m tempted to make a ‘first wizarding war’-kinda based roleplay blog for Arthur Weasley with Sam Troughton as fc.  

pls someone stop me

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DO IT. YOU FEEL SO MUCH BETTER. / Ah ok so let me tell you a thing. A new show that I've enjoyed watching is Gotham! Agents of Shield, I've heard is really good, BBC Merlin (although a bit of warning, I did have a few problems with the last series [there's only 5]), BBC Robin Hood (only 3 seasons but the 3rd series... meh) & I've been re-watching Friends and re-reading the Harry Potter books haha.

OMG why do I keep responding to your messages without seeing other messages that you’ve sent? LMFAO sorry!!

Oooh I was kind of wanting to start watching Gotham, I’ve heard really good things. I’d have to try to find the others, but I’m pretty sure Gotham is on HuluPlus.

if anybody wants me on this fine saturday night i’ll be curled up on the couch feeling emotional about how much i love the thomas crown affair