“I realized there’s a generation of us who either were born somewhere else and moved here, or their parents came from somewhere else, whether it’s from Latin America or Russia or the West Indies, and don’t know where they belong and what they’re suppose to navigate”

Couldn’t make it to Paying the RENT?!

Couldn’t make it to ‪#‎payingtheRENT‬? Well, you’re in luck! You can watch all the videos from the concert by following the link below! Playlist filmed, edited, and compiled by the multitalented Dan Tracy!

YouTube playlist for Paying the RENT!


In The Heights: In Concert … Prep

In The Heights: In Concert.
February 11, 2013.
The United Palace Theater In Washington Heights
Tickets at

Starring (in order of appearance): Seth Stewart, Stephanie Klemons, Afra Hines, Shaun Taylor-Corbett, Rickey Tripp, Robin DeJesus, Blanca Camacho, Chris Jackson, Karen Olivo, Rick Negron, Eliseo Roman, Marcus Paul James, Rogelio Douglas Jr., Javier Muñoz, Michael Balderrama, Luis Salgado, Olga Merediz, Alex Lacamoire, Nina LaFarga, Andrea Burns & Hudson Flynn, Krysta Rodriguez, Joshua Henry, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Janet Dacal, Bill Sherman (with daughter Luna), Kevin McCollum, Tony Chiroldes


Anna Kendrick performing “The Ladies Who Lunch” in 2003’s “Camp.”

Maybe now that she is famous more people will check this fantastic movie out. It’s on Netflix!

(The film also stars a young Robin de Jesus, who would go on to originate the role of Sonny in the Broadway cast of “In the Heights”)