OZ Comic Con 2014 Adelaide Photos

SO. FREAKING. HAPPY. with how these shots turned out, oh yisssssss <3

First photo:
My husband James (Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, Stargate Atlantis), Benedict Cumberbatch himself eeeeeeee, myself as my fursuit character, Chellios Coyote.

Benedict is a loveable dork and so adorable!  Wasn’t too sure about me suiting up for his photo…until the accidental/somewhat intentional ear rubs that happened.  Suit ears = wee bit larger than I realised XD

In his words, “enjoyment was had from getting ear rubs from a friendly coyote”.  I think I can die happy hearing Sherlock say those words, eep ~<3!

Second Photo:
This group shot was so. much. FUN!  

Robin Dunne was absolutely thrilled to meet Nik (Reuel) and I (Chellios), and Amanda Tapping was just…oh, she’s such a total sweetheart!!!  I love that she was giggling *so much* before, during and after this photo, especially Robin going “OMG FURRIES!” in that little adorkable squeal he did.  HE WAS SO CUTE =D

Third Photo:
Connor Trinneer kinda grabbed me into a hug and I was NOT expecting it in this photo, and yes, he knew it, because I nearly topped off balance because of that XD

As a result, there’s a rather awkward furry ear to fuzzy beard ratio going on here LOL  He said later on that the awkwardness made it special <3

Fourth Photo:
Rob Paulsen’s autograph from him (and Pinky!) to James and I =3

Ardent fan of Pinky and the Brain/Animaniacs/TMNT, but definitely Pinky moreso, yes ^_____^  He is SO nice and hilariously funny.  Definitely would love to work with him one day, if Twisted Branch gets off the ground series-wise =)

Fifth Photo:
Group shot with James, Reuel and myself (Chellios) with the lovely Amanda Tapping (Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Sanctuary).

Gosh, I cannot praise this lovely lady enough!  She is SO lovely and she adored the heck out of all of us.

Photo belongs to Reuel (Nikolas Jongeneel) <3

Sixth Photo:
BETTER photo with Connor Trinneer!  Zounds!

You can’t tell, but he was making Nik and I laugh so hard, and the poor camerawoman was almost giggling too much to take the photo in the first place XD

We only discovered what he had been doing to Reuel when we got the photo back, hahahaha!  Can’t wait for his panel tomorrow afternoon =D

Photo belongs to Reuel (Nikolas Jongeneel) <3

So thrilled that I also finally got a smile out of my husband for both the Benedict photo and the group shot with Robin and Amanda…usually James has his game face on as the serious and sarcastic Lt Colonel Sheppard all the damned time X3

Today. freakin. ROCKED.
Can’t wait for Day 2 tomorrows!!!!!!