ashiekyou said:

I really love your drawings, especially of Starfire and Robin. Seeing them really brings up some good old feels x3 Ive been watching some of the new series with my brother, and it's kind of cute even though it's not the same. I really liked the episode where Robin wants an arch enemy and Star becomes one for him. If you find the time, could you draw her as Starfire The Terrible with robin? Have a lovely week ;v; <3


Thank you, hahah! eve/

It’s one of my favorite episodes! I rewatched it loads already so I’m pretty sure this is how this particular scene went. Yep. 

Ich vermisse dich hier. Ich wünschte du wärst hier, auf meinem Bürostuhl, in meiner Küche, in meinem Bett. An die Treppe gelehnt und an meiner Hand. Ich wünschte ich müsste mir nicht einbilden dass du vor mir stehst und neben mir schläfst.

animalempathy said:

At least she was more prepared this time. After turning on the news to take a break from her studies, there was a live coverage about a terrorist threat to several places in Gotham's high points of the city. A hotel, a restaurant, a business, and the bus depot. The message for the threats wasn't clear, and with one of the buildings full of panicked people didn't make it any easier. She ran with her costume on, mask concealing her face, and went to the closest spot first. Batman can wait.

Batman, Robin, and Batgirl were all at the sight.


"Good, you made it."