ilovegoats1996 said:

I'm not personally attacking you, I'm just letting you know how a lot of people feel about different slurs and to be more open to changing what you say to help yourself and others, I'm sorry if I upset you.

Oh no, I completely understand, trust me. 


robertoisgay replied to your post: HOOOWWWWAAAAARRRRRDDDD ;-; That was probably the…

i read this is wolowitz’s mother’s voice xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

THAT JUST GOT 10 BILLION TIMES FUNNIER. Even if he did just try to propose to a woman twice his age. And when she said no he left and said “absolute classic” in a voice that meant “I might just burst into tears and die oh the pain oh god make it stop please”.

I love Fresh Meat. And you, bbg ^___^ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ilovegoats1996 said:

Just apologising to a specific person isn't really the same as thinking about what you say from a different point of view. You're missing the point of why people call you out in the first place, it's not like specific little pet hates that people who prefer you don't do, it actively perpetuates negative language against many people, not just the person that calls you out.

Oh well then if what I say doesn’t please you then don’t fucking talk to me or be around me. There’s billions of other people in the world that are far worse human beings than me. And yes, there are some that are better human beings than me. If you’re not pleased, go associate yourself with them and leave me alone.

ilovegoats1996 said:

dude, just because your friend doesn't mind you using the word fag doesn't mean that every queer person doesn't mind as well. think about who you're affecting more widely, not just "if i'm not offended by it, it's fine."

I don’t use “fag/faggot” like that but whenever I do say it and I get a dirty look or someone says something I’ll apologize personally to them and say that it wasn’t supposed to be offensive and hope they accept it. The least they can do is not accept it and then what? It’s over with. Oh well, I tried. They got offended I apologized whatever we just won’t talk. I don’t need to please every person in this world with the words I use.