Au: The hate got to you while Mikey was away on tour and you left so he did too..
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Calum thinks you have a drinking problem

I got bored and felt like making something so this happened :)))))

Luke imagine part 2!!

wow this is way over due and I’m sorry but I never got around to writing it

Part 1!

It’s funny how after you were gone Luke tried to make your favorite things become habits in his life just for the fact that you loved doing them, he would always wear that dumb snapback whenever he got the chance because you love that hat and would always steal it off his head. He loved that giggle that came out of your mouth on your second date and many times after, when you would reach up and grab his hat and take off running, knowing he will soon catch you. But you would always try.

It's funny how you always thought about what you would say to Luke if it was ever the off chance of you running into him. You had the entire conversation planned out in your head since you had thought about him so much.

It’s funny how when two people that had been thinking about the other for the past 10 months straight finally come together, they suddenly have no idea what to say.  

“Luke,” You breathed out.

“Wow, Y/N. It’s um really you.” He said a little bit shocked. “You look good,” he said looking you over.

“Thanks,” You said thinking over the thrown together outfit that you were currently wearing. “You do too." You said smiling when you saw he finally got a new pair of black vans.

"So, um, how have you been?” Luke questioned as you both fell into step with each other, you totally forgetting about your friend you were looking for.

“Good, good. I finally got that job I was always talking about, so I’ve kept myself busy in the world of fashion.” You said wrapping your arms around yourself as the wind blew by.

“That’s amazing! I told you that you would get it, they would be crazy not to take you.” He said a smile breaking across his face as he shoved his hands into the pockets of his jacket.

“Yeah, it's almost everything I hoped it would be.”


“Oh nothing, just a small detail.”

“Oh, okay.” He said letting the lie slip by.

“What about you, Mr. Pop star?” You said changing the subject off of you.

“It’s good, tours fun as usual.” He said shrugging his shoulders.

“What no epic story that band members are supposed to have after traveling the whole world?” You joked.

“Well I mean of course its fun traveling and everything, but its good to be on a break.”

“Yeah, god knows I know what you mean.” You mumbled.

“Yeah.” Luke said shifting his arms around.

You both continued walked around the park, talking aimlessly about random things, like the best friends you used to be. For a moment you couldn’t help but think that this moment was so similar to how you both used to be, walking around with no point, talking about things with no point. You truly did miss him but you knew in that moment that you did the right thing before, you saw the smile on his face as he talked about tour and how much fun he had, you were truly happy that he was happy.

The wind picked up speed even more as you walked down the park path, you shivered since you were only wearing a short sleeve shirt.

“You cold?” Luke said stopping what he was talking about when he saw you.

“Just a bit,” You said smiling.

“Here,” Luke said shrugging off his jacket and offering it to you. He was still the gentleman he always was before.

“No, no you keep it.” You said not wanting him to be cold.

“No I insist,” He said wrapping it over your shoulders. The jacket was so big just like they always were on you, it hung over your shoulders and you didn’t even have to put your arms through the sleeves, you could just wrap it around you and it was already enough warmth.

“Thank you,”

“No problem, I like seeing you in my jackets again.” Luke said, his cheeks red from both the wind and the blush that filled them.

You both talked for another hour or two and it started to get late and the sun was starting to set.

“I should probably get home, its getting late.” You said as you both walked towards the entrance of the park.

“Yeah,” Luke said as you walked into the parking lot, only one car was parked there and you quickly recognized it as Luke’s. “Did you not drive here?” he questioned when he didn’t see your car in the parking lot.

“No, I walked. It’s not that far of a walk, trust me.” You said

“Nonsense Y/N, I’ll drive you, I know the walk from here to your apartment.” Luke spoke up before you could start your walk.

“You don’t have to, Luke.”

“I want to, come on.” He said grabbing your hand and pulling you towards his car before opening the passengers side door for you. He got into his side and started driving to the apartment that he still knew exactly how to get to, and he would probably never forget.

“Thank you for tonight, Luke. I had a really good time.” You said as he walked you to your door.

“Yeah I did too. It was great seeing you.” He said leaning up against the wall outside. You took out your keys and unlocked your door before leaning your back against it, not really wanting the night to end.

“Oh yeah! Here’s your jacket, I almost forgot.” You said starting to take it off.

“No, keep it. It gives me a reason to see you again.” He said smiling.

“Okay,” You said as you shrugged it back over your shoulders. “Goodbye, Luke.” You say reaching up and kissing his cheek before walking inside and closing the door behind you.

As you started to kick your shoes off, a knock sounded from the door and you furrowed your eyebrows and walked back over to the door. You unlocked it and Luke was still standing there.

“Luke? Did you forget something?” You said opening the door wider.

“Yeah, I forgot you.” Luke said before stepping forward and connecting your lips. His giant hands reached up and ghosted over your cheeks as your lips moved in sync. After you broke apart, he rested his forehead on yours and smiled down at you, “I guess I didn’t want my reason to see you again to be my jacket.” He said as you both laughed and he connected your lips once again.