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The versatile Kristen Wiig teams up with Glee star Darren Criss for the deliciously offbeat comedy Girl Most Likely, and we have an exclusive look at a bonus features clip for the film — out on VOD and Digital this Tuesday (and Blu-ray/DVD November 5) — in which Darren’s co-stars and the filmmakers gush all over his incredible talent! []

You’re Invited: Indiewire Talks to Kristin Wiig, Brian DePalma, Gael Garcia Bernal, Xavier Dolan and More in Toronto

Insiders at the Toronto International Film Festival can connect daily with filmmakers and stars in Toronto at our afternoon talk series beginning this Saturday. Indiewire @ The TIFF Filmmakers Lounge, launches (Saturday, September 8 at the TIFF Filmmakers Lounge in the downtown Hyatt Hotel next the TIFF Bell Lightbox (mezzanine level).

Over four days, from 4pm - 5pm, Toronto pass holders attending the festival (filmmakers, industry and press, or whoever has something around their neck looking official) can watch talent from this year’s festival talk about their films with the staff of Indiewire. Guests include filmmakers Brian DePalma, Derek Cianfrance, Xavier Dolan, Deepa Mehta and Alex Gibney as well as actors Kristin Wiig, Gael Garcia Bernal, Darren Criss and Penn Badgley.

The Schedule Follows:

Saturday, September 8
4:00pm — Directors Shari Springer Bergman and Robert Pulcini and actors Kristin Wiig, Darren Criss and Matt Dillion (“Imogene”) Moderated by Dana Harris
4:30pm — Director Alex Gibney (“Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God”) Moderated by Anne Thompson

Sunday, September 9
4:00pm — Director Derek Cianfrance (“The Place Behind The Pines”) Moderated by Nigel M. Smith
4:30pm — Director Pablo Larrain and actor Gael Garcia Bernal (“No”) Moderated by Eric Kohn

Monday, September 10
4:00pm — Director Brian DePalma (“Passion”) Moderated by Anne Thompson
4:30pm — Director Dan Algrant and actor Penn Badgley (“Greetings From Tim Buckley”) Moderated by Dana Harris

Tuesday, September 11
4:00pm — Director Deepa Mehta (“Midnight’s Children”) Moderated by Melissa Silverstein
4:30pm — Director Xavier Dolan (“Laurence Anyways”) Moderated by Peter Knegt

I found this interview with him that he did for Rolling Stone where he was basically sitting there with a guitar and answering all the questions musically, and I thought that was really charming and he had this ease, and he just seemed perfect for this role.
—  Robert Pulcini, co-director of Girl Most Likely. (The Hollywood Reporter)
We really liked the way the character [Lee] was written and it was very hard to cast: Who could do this and play off of Kristen Wiig and still be charming? You really want people to be somewhat invested in their scenes together romantically but you don’t want them to take it too seriously.

Because Lee is written as a Backstreet Boys impersonator in the script, we were like, “Who could also handle the music thing?” Someone suggested I look at some of the people at “Glee,” and I wasn’t that familiar with it. I went on and found this interview with Darren in Rolling Stone where they asked him questions and he sang the answers with his guitar. And I said, “This guy has this happy-go-lucky charm about him that I think would really work.”
—  Robert Pulcini, co-director of Girl Most Likely. (


Minha Vida Dava um Filme (Girl Most Likely)

Direção: Robet Pulcini & Shari Springer Berman

Estados Unidos/2012

Restou pouco do frescor ácido e intimista que fizeram do casal Shari Berman e Robert Pulcini uma promessa com o delicioso Anti-Herói Americano há 10 anos. Esquemático até dizer chega, Minha Vida Dava um Filme trás mais um loser com família disfuncional ao filão ‘indie’, estrelado por uma Kristen Wiig claramente desconfortável na pele de uma escritora mal sucedida que tem que voltar as suas origens pra recuperar um talento adormecido. Se alguma coisa funciona é o trabalho bem acertado do grupo de coadjuvantes encabeçados por Annette Bening, Matt Dillon e Darren Criss.