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There were many times that both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were asked about what caused Twilight to “explode.”

And after the filming of both BD1 AND BD2 was done, they were asked by Entertainment Weekly, not a rag mag, so don’t confuse it with Entertainment Online, what were the most nostalgic scenes from the Twilight films for them.

Both seemed inordinately touched by the wedding, but it was this quote from Rob, that sealed the deal.

”What is the most memorable thing you will remember about doing the saga?”

Rob”The thing I’ll take away with me is the dance at the end of the first one in the gazebo. Cause it’s just… That was a really great memory. There were these little frogs croaking around and stuff. That was really sweet. And then, there’s the kind of most indelible image as well to know that that little moment suddenly started this whole…’thing’”




People should go back and read that interview. It flat out states they were obviously a couple.

However, my point is this. If someone had broken your heart and humiliated you in front of the whole world, how likely would it be that you would go to the concert of a band whose song ”Flightless Bird” brings up ”a really great memory.’' A memory that ”was really sweet.” That made ”an indelible image” and to know that ”That little moment suddenly started this whole thing.”


Either way you look at it, you Hater-Bitches, are screwed. Because he’s either still so in love with her that he would torture himself by going to a concert where he can hear the live version of ”Flightless Bird” and remember the sweet memory called up by the song and mourn over what was or because that song is special to someone else too and he’s sharing it. Notice he was pap’d again staring at his cellphone’s screen. Alone.


Concerts, even red carpets don’t seem to interest him half as much as what’s on his cellphone screen, anymore.


As an RK supporter, I and couple million other RKs, know the difference in Rob and Kristen’s smiles. There’s the PR smile. Another smile for fans. And then, there’s ”THE” smile. A smile only one person on this earth puts on his face. And as far as I can remember… Rob has never carried a cellphone when walking a red carpet, let alone stopping to look at the screen.


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