We got our Robbie and Wendy photos back!

Wendy: Myself (nihilistique)

Robbie: Max (verisms)

Photos by Booradlus/Brian Smith

Costumes by me! (although there wasn’t much to make - mostly buying and altering stuff)

We met Alex Hirsch at a Gravity Falls themed party the day after this shoot and he said “You guys basically ARE Wendy and Robbie” Haha! He said it was surreal to hang out with his characters. Pretty neat, huh?!

the best part is that i didn’t even realize that i’d totally forgotten about thompson until i was already finished with the lines and by that point it was just like eh… if it’s gotta be somebody… sorry thompson

i was gonna add him in the back holding up his friendship cake crying but decided it would kill the good vibes haha