• Lean/Tussin
  • J.M.

L/T for those who lean

girl flick me
half of that old cigarette
the tobacco ain’t gone yet
gum on your heel
I can feel
you itching to break the seal
of this fresh tussin bottle
and kick it full throttle
real slow
bacco stacked on syrup
you’re leaning real low
as the syrup goes
through your veins
chug chug
feel it run through your blood
and you come
in my hand
before we realize
we’re fucking
just chugging
along, tug tugging
till dawn
on reality’s edge
slipping on reality’s ledge
& baby we’ll keep bussin
baby we’ll keep bussin
on the mountains and valleys
of this good robatussin

anonymous said:

What are household drugs to get high on and how much do you take?

Umm things like robatussin and Dramamine, please research before you do them though. Blue light forums has a lot of good advice from people on OTC drugs. Oh and you can get high off of nutmeg, I’ve never tried it myself but it’s worked for my friends but definitely hit up Google for dosage information on anything. erowod.com ass well. There’s literally charts that can determine was dosages work for your body type as well as in depth descriptions of small and higher doses. :)