Already miss my SOULsis @sammyjofruition. Headed home with the bags and bags of gifts she bestowed upon me. Sammy, the greatest gift is our bond and your effervescence. #robantha


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WATS UR FAVE COLOR?! DO U HAVE ANY PETS?! HOW OLD R U?! WATS UR FAVE SUBJECT?! But really, you know I’m down with these HP posts until the day I die. PotterForLyfe.

Oh my gosh. You’re just adorable.

FAVE COLOR! - This is such a douchey answer, but I don’t have one! I go through phases. Right now, I’m mad in love with turquoise and mustard yellow. Two years ago, I spat on mustard yellow. We have these colors coming into our store for our fall collection that are simply stunning so I’m really into berry reds right now, too. I’m a color enigma.

MY PETS! - None. Not one. I used to have fish. And a hermit crab. His name was Buster and I got him at an amusement park. One time, I dropped him onto the floor. He was scared. I cried. My fish once had babies. They died. I had this one kind of fish that had to live in a school or they would die. The last one lived alone in a plain bowl rather than a pretty tank for a fucking year and a half before he finally kicked the goddamn bucket. I had those fish that had the mickey mouse head on their asses. I named one Mulder. Another was Scully. I think I had some named after Animorphs, too, but I can’t remember. 

I want a freaking dog and I want a freaking dog now. 

I AM SO OLD - I’m turning 24 in September. So… I’m going to die soon.

OMG SUBJECTS! - RECESS!!!!!!! lol jk old people who are going to die soon don’t get recess, only enemas. :( I obviously love music, I mean, I teach it, so. Yeah, music’s great. I also love English which is good, since I’m getting certified in English. But for a while, I wanted to be a History teacher. I kicked all ass at History. Mathematics can go suck Einstein’s balls.