Archie and Rob- King in Training

Archie made his way to Mirinydd. Abby had suggested that he talk to Rob about what to do as a king and all the responsibilities that came with it. To say Archie was nervous were an understatement. He had slowly been learning to read and write, so he was proud of those achievements, but he knew he had a lot more to learn.

The carriage made its way up to the palace, and soon enough, came to a stop. The boy gave a nervous breath and took a step out and made his way into the grand hall where a messenger was sent for Rob.

Rob & Clotaire | The Things They Carry

It was a cold and bitter winter day in the Colmar of France, the sky as bleak and grey as anything. It was the middle of a very harsh winter and most businesses were not open in the village for very long since most citizens were concerned with keeping warm inside each of their small little wooden cabins, each radiating heat from the fire places inside. The retired soldier and ex-Prince Clotaire though didn’t seem to mind the snowfall as he was just about the only one walking about the streets, dressed in not much clothing especially for this kind of thing. The young man shivered slightly as he walked his one arm hugging his body for warmth, as half of his face or his nose rather was nestled warmly beneath a thinner and dirty cloth making himself not very recognizable. He wore old worn out boots at his feet as he trudged in the snow, as his jacket was black and woolen looking like something a poor man would wear not a prince. Clotaire also wore worn out old gloves at his hands, leaving his fingers exposed to the harsh cool air.

His face for the most part was dirty as his eyes were terribly sunken in and blood shot as if he had been drinking for days with no stop. He coughed slightly as he continued to walk through the winters day glad he seemed to be the only one out. The prince then glanced up and could see the tip of his fathers castle far off in the snowy distance and for the first time in his life he felt nothing but emptiness looking upon his home, it was a strange palace to him somewhere he felt he no longer belonged and where did he belong? Clotaire paused then to stand as he uncovered his face from the cloth and took a deep breathe, producing smoke as he breathed out due to the extreme low temperature of the air. He then put the cloth over his face once again with bare pale fingers and continued to walk not even bothering to turn and look as he heard the wheels of a carriage rolling up just behind himself for he didn’t care or bother with anything much at all anymore.

Visiting Mirinydd | Rob & Josette

Trying to walk with as much grace and ease as she could, Josette picked up all her dark blue skirts belonging to her usual rather ostentatious gown as she began to trot down the cobble stone path of none other than the kingdom of Mirinydd home to the famous Queen Snow White and her husband King Ferdinand. The princess was on a get away for the most part sort of as a means to free herself of all her responsibilities for the time being. As her parents had sent her away to stay at a neighboring kingdom of theirs Mirinydd since she was expected to arrive as their guest. Josette had parked her carriage just before the village and had decided to walk some and perhaps shop a little in the kingdom before arriving at the German castle where her host family awaited.

Josette found herself glad she was away from home she even found herself humming and smiling slightly as she continued to walk along. She wasn’t entirely sure what she was looking for that is until she came across a market square just filled with tons of bargaining shops selling all kinds of fruits, shoes, clothing, jewelry, cutlery, furniture, perfume, and candy. Josette stopped as her deep blue eyes became wide and bright with interest, thinking to herself that this was certainly a perfect time for a shopping spree which was one of the activities she enjoyed doing most of all. She began to walk through the market place then observing many people looking around and paying for many of the items that the sellers seemed to beg customers to consider buying.

She of course after sometime of searching each small shop as she went along, trotted as fast as she could to a nearby dress shop seeming to display already a number of gowns Josette would consider trying on and purchasing herself. She began to finger and caress all of the fine silks, satins, and cottons of all different assorted colors, and also being sure to pay attention to each dresses design as they hung on the closet hangers before her. A yellow shining dress then caught Josette’s eye causing her to pick the thing up and hold it in her grasp, she looked it over thinking it resembled her mothers most prized dress. Josette then took the thing with her deciding to explore more of the closets as if she were looking for buried treasure. The princess stopped in her tracks for a second then as her eyes met none other than Prince Robin obviously out and about visiting the streets of his own kingdom. Coincidence Josette thought that she would meet him here. “Well if it isn’t the Great and powerful Prince Robin of Mirinydd!” She teased as she called to him, walking up so they were just a foot apart “It’s great to see you Rob.” Josette said with a small smile as she curtsied before her old friend.

Capítulo 1

Eu odiava ir a escola. Tudo lá me enojava, todas as pessoas pelas quais eu era obrigada a ver. Onde estudo só há pessoas boas o suficiente para estar lá, primeiro uma prova e depois um interrogatório da diretora para avaliar se você realmente tem capacidade para entrar. Ou você era bom aluno, ou nem passava do portão principal. Eu não podia simplesmente sumir de lá, bem que eu gostaria muito. Me levantei naquela manhã de inverno com a mesma angústia de todos os dias, certa de que em paz eu não ia ficar lá.

Selena me ligou, e nos encontramos no portão de entrada. Ela adora os sites de fofoca sobre famosos, vivia com revistas e não havia um famoso pelo qual era não soubesse metade da carreira ou a vida do mesmo. Ela era louca pra ser popular, mas acho que eles nunca viram muita graça nela por andar comigo. Entramos na sala, respirei fundo e logo me sentei. Abri um de meus livros e esperamos até a sala encher. Logo, entram falando alto e rindo Cecelia e Niall. Eles são tão fúteis e vazios, chamar atenção é o forte deles. 

– E aí, Demi. – disse Niall se encostando em minha carteira.

– O que quer? – respirei fundo.

Ele dá uma longa pausa e antes mesmo que possa responder, Cecelia grita do outro lado da sala.

– Ei, Niall, vai ficar falando com essa estranha? – ela ri juntamente ao seu grupinho.

Cecelia, faz o tipo barbie. Loira, olhos claros e ao que tudo indica namoradinha de Niall. Eles dois e eu grupinho nunca gostaram mim. Sempre me acharam gorda e estranha ao ponto de me torturar por isso.

Ele olha pra mim e com um olhar irônico diz: – Não pensa que se livrou de nós, gordinha.

Fecho o livro e olho em direção ao além, sem expressar nenhuma emoção, mas estava com raiva. Não ia suportar isso por muito tempo.